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The Future of Sustainable Building

Sustainability has become increasingly paramount for many New Zealanders in home construction, driven by heightened awareness of environmental challenges like climate change and resource depletion.

Porotherm Sustainable Building Block Stellaria NZ

The New Zealand Government has been proactive in promoting sustainability through initiatives focused on energy efficiency, resource conservation, and the ambitious goal of reducing carbon emissions to near zero by 2050.

Builders and developers are exploring innovative materials and techniques, such as clay blocks, known for their energy performance, thermal insulation, durability, and sustainability, aligning with sustainable building practices.

Sustainability is a collective effort, involving central and local government, businesses, the finance and insurance sectors, households, and communities.

One recent initiative reported by RNZ announced Prime Minister Christopher Luxon & Building and Construction Minister Chris Penk MPs plan to streamline the use of overseas building products potentially allowing builders to rely on standards from trusted overseas jurisdictions often on par or surpassing those in NZ - speeding up the consenting process for alternative building solutions.

At Stellaria, we've been importing sustainable clay construction materials from Wienerberger Belgium for the past decade. Our partnership reflects our shared values on sustainability and durability. Through Wienerberger's leading innovation and ecological solutions, we offer comprehensive building envelope solutions.

To experience our commitment to these principles firsthand, we invite you to visit our show home in Cambridge. Here, we've brought together architectural durability, structural integrity, and material quality, seamlessly blending with the desired form, style, and surrounding landscape. For those that can not make the visit we ask you to take a look at our dedicated BLOCKBUILD website, a resource of information along with access to download our BLOCKBUILD installation guide.

Stellaria Clay Block offers a chance for Kiwis to build a home with reduced energy expenses, enhanced household comfort (warm, dry & healthy - no black mould) at a sustainable pragmatic and cost-effective level.

BlockBuild by Stellaria - Clay Block Builds


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