We have introduced a clay block construction system to the New Zealand building market – Porotherm.

Porotherm has a proven, all-round exceptional level of performance, numerous accreditations and features, and it’s unique appeal boasts all the benefits you could only have previously dreamed of in a building material, and much more.

Join the revolution

Our Products

Porotherm Block

Know your home is sound and solid when you build with Porotherm. Wienerberger’s signature clay building block.

Terca Bricks

Wienerberger’s beautiful facing brick to finish the look – A world of possibilities.

Koramic Roof Tiles

The roof of your house can now too have the beautiful and timeless look of pure clay construction.


Leave the walls of your home looking gorgeous. Wienerberger’s second cladding material that looks equally as amazing.

Penter Pavers

Pave your outdoor area with a beautiful brick, Wienerberger’s paving brick – create stunning walkways, patios, outdoor areas…


Behind three panes of glass, you know you’re going to be cosy for the whole night. INTERNORM’s triple-glazed window.


Walking on a BOEN floor feeling the click of your heel, and seeing it integrated perfectly into your home is very satisfying.

MST Marbles

Stepping into your bathroom tiled with MST marble barefoot is an experience on its own.

What our clients say

“I would like to thank Chris MacPherson from MacPherson Architecture for introducing us to the Porotherm clay block product. We were looking…”

Chris & Kate Renton
Hamilton, Aug. 2015

“We are very thankful for everything you guys have done for us, and we think that everyone should build out of Porotherm.”

Josh & Amy McClaren
Auckland, Mar. 2016

Our Services


We supply quality clay construction products from Europe to build NZ’s finest homes.


Partnered with MacPherson Architecture Ltd, we can design your home to your specifications, if required.


For any design or material recommendations you need for your home, feel free to get in touch, we are here to advise.

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