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Koramic Roof Tiles.

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Why Koramic.

Stellaria Koramic Clay roof tile range



Embark on a journey with Koramic, the foremost clay roof tile manufacturer in Europe, now in collaboration with Wienerberger, Stellaria is able to bring New Zealand the most extensive array of clay roof tiles. A palette of 50 unique tiles awaits, spanning a spectrum of sizes, styles, and textures, including glazed, sanded, multiblend, and more. The color range is vast – from warm terracottas and reds to deep blacks and browns, offering a comprehensive selection.

Wienerberger clay roof tiles seamlessly weave together natural tradition and state-of-the-art technology. This marriage of elements creates an unparalleled roofing solution.

Architects are granted the freedom to reflect regional identities through a myriad of clay roof tile designs, ranging from classic pitched roofs to elegant arched roofs and modern monopitch configurations. The versatility extends further as these tiles can be seamlessly installed as both roof and wall tiles, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic.

Koramic, with its commitment to visual impact and timeless modernity, fuses the appeal of natural clay with distinctive character. The material's subtlety, symmetry, natural elegance, human scale, and timeless perfection make it a standout when combined with other visual elements. The product line is diverse, offering everything from contemporary flat tiles with "engobe" to the enduring appeal of natural red plain tiles, reminiscent of centuries past.


Welcome to a world where tradition meets innovation, and each tile tells a story of enduring craftsmanship and aesthetic finesse.

Koramic Performance.


Fired at high temperatures, Koramic clay roof tiles can last over 100 years.


Koramic systems create a ventilated cavity, increasing thermal efficiency.


Koramic's distinctive pore structure, crafted through precise material selection and advanced manufacturing, enables resilience to very low temperatures without damage.


Koramic clay roof tiles are UV-resistance.

Koramic Range.


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