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Discover Sustainable Timeless Modernity in the Heart of Cambridge, when you visit our Porotherm Clay Block Show home.

Stellaria showhome, Swayne Road Cambridge
Stellaria showhome, Swayne Road Cambridge

Only 5 mins drive from the charming Cambridge town centre, this two-level sustainable clay block show home on Swayne Rd Cambridge, embodies timeless modernity. Solid Porotherm clay block walls, clay facade bricks, and breathable lime plasters create an eco-friendly haven.

Explore sustainable living with our 100% natural building materials.

Experience the perks of:

•Near-zero energy efficiency.

•Low maintenance, with solid masonry clay walls.

•Year-round comfort with triple-glazed joinery.

A home symbolising permanence and sustainability awaits!

Join us at 83 Swayne Road, Cambridge, from 10 am to 2 pm for Saturday Open Homes!

Bring friends and family to explore the Stellaria show home and discover exciting new products for your next build or renovation!


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