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Product Used - Porotherm Clay Block

Location - Mangawhai

Architect - M.A.L Architectural Design

Project by @bream_tail_project

"This has been a two-stage build with the first stage Garage and Studio constructed from traditional timber framing followed by the main house from Porotherm block.

It has been an interesting comparison from multiple perspectives. Firstly the time to get the walls up (we cut and nailed the timber frames on site) has been significantly less with the Porotherm block. The amount of rubbish produced with a timber framing system is dreadful when compared to what we are now experiencing with the Porotherm block system. (virtually nil)


We are yet to fully appreciate the thermal and health benefits of the Porotherm blocks over timber framed construction – suffice to say our dog prefers sitting in the shade of the Porotherm walls as opposed to the Garage and studio.

Most importantly it has been an incredibly simple and pleasurable process to embark on with Robyn and Chris MacPherson. Although this is not our first build project their patience, experience and professionalism has given us great confidence with a system we were not familiar with. No doubt this won’t be our last project but it certainly will be using timber framing."

John Eady


Mangawhai Breamtail

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