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CLIMAmur clients Patrick & Ashley building their family home in Motueka.

"We always knew our next build would be our dream build, so we were not going to settle for mediocre. After travelling back to Pats home land in Germany, we noticed all the homes are built with solid clay blocks, which made them warm, dry, and super robust. So when it came to selecting the building material for our dream build, we researched whether we could get clay blocks in New Zealand, and we stumbled upon Stellaria. 
The customer service we received from our first enquiry right up until today where we are mid-construction has been amazing! From the initial email, to phone calls talking us through the different options of Porotherm vs CLIMAmur, through ordering, shipping and construction, we have received awesome communication and great advice along the way. 
We decided on the CLIMAmur, mainly as we were Aucklanders moving to the Top of the South, so we wanted to make sure we didn’t have to acclimatize too much! We have the peace of mind that our home will be warm and dry and will be with us through whatever the New Zealand environment can throw at it. Especially considering we are building on top of a ‘Mountain’ in a Very High wind zone. Additionally, it will require near-zero energy, which is perfect for our Off Grid living. The fact that the Clay Blocks are eco-friendly and sustainable is a bonus.
This build was always going to be completed as an Owner Builder, Pat - a Plumber, and myself - a Graphic Designer, wanted to build our own home. The CLIMAmur blocks are well suited to this, as it’s just like building a lego set, following the block plan, every block has a place – better yet, there is minimal wastage! As long as you practice a bit of perfectionism with the base course, the rest goes up super quick! We estimated it would take at least 2 months to get our blocks up, but we are at lintel height already and it’s been 2 weeks!
We are super happy with our decision to build with CLIMAmur and can’t wait to see how it performs when the build is complete."

Follow along on their journey, from the initial floorplan to the current construction milestones, Ashley Koenig has created a beautifully curated page that documents every step of the way. @koenighomebuild

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