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Guided by Chris and Robyn MacPherson, we are Stellaria - Passionate about 100% natural, high performance & highly durable clay material for every design solution.

Our Vision.

We love to see our products arriving on our shores and being delivered to you…the testimonials we receive are humbling and exciting. With projects all across NZ using our entire product range, we grow in passion & excitement everyday!

Our vision is to build NZ’s ‘forever’ inter-generational homes. Either using the Porotherm clay block construction system with unparalleled performance & durability levels or to see our cladding systems on your walls, roof tiles on your roof, pavers in your landscape and you love the end result as much as we do. 


Now we know we have ticked every box for you because the journey from the inception of your concept or design with your architect, to arriving home everyday to a place you love with a passion  - is all we need to know! 

We have fulfilled our vision for you, our client…

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The Stellaria Story...

It all started with a vision: the idea of a building with near-zero heating, cooling or ventilation required. People-focused with good air quality and comfortable indoor temperatures all year round. Now that vision has become a reality; the building is a promise.  


A Porotherm Clay Bock building promises excellent return on value, energy efficiency and life cycle costs. The promise is delivered exclusively by building physics; solid walls and ceilings that serve as insulation & thermal mass, giving you much more for your money. Constant feel-good temperatures mean good health and truly living well. There’s just no comparison.

Chris & Robyn MacPherson of MacPherson Architecture Ltd have been designing high-end homes for over 25 years. Frustrated by the overall poor quality of NZ building materials, poor performance and the minimal Level 3 most NZ homes are built to, with only a 10-year warranty on the biggest financial and emotional investment of a lifetime, they believe Porotherm clay block homes offer a long-awaited solution to a very long standing housing crisis.

Feeling is believing. When you walk in and close the door, you are in a world of your own. The difference is like night & day. It’s quiet, peaceful and fresh, 100% natural with interior lime plasters. There’s just nothing like it.

Seeing is believing. When you have a zero-degree frost outside and the thermometer shows you the temperature has not moved below 18 degrees inside with no heating from the night before. The promise has been kept…

The vision has become the reality.


The Stellaria-Wienerberger Story...

It all started with a passion. When Chris & Robyn first discovered Porotherm and saw instantly the simple but extraordinary power of one single extruded clay block - they knew they had found a far superior way to build. 

So they formed a partnership with Wienerberger in Europe and Stellaria NZ was born in 2014. Visiting Europe and living within these walls is an extraordinary experience. As most of Europe builds using this construction system, it’s the norm. There is no one way to truly describe how the walls make you feel: safe, peaceful, cocooned and wrapped up are just some of the ways to tell you.


Really, you have to get inside and feel the walls. You have to experience how the building makes you feel – then you just know…
So it began with the Porotherm Passion which has now become the Porotherm Promise but as Chris & Robyn soon discovered, Wienerberger has so much more…

The Stellaria Wienerberger Promise...

Stellaria and Wienerberger share values of sustainability and durability within the building industry.

Wienerberger is over 200 years old and the largest producer of clay construction materials in the world. With a selection of over 700 of the world’s most beautiful TERCA Brick to choose from, KORAMIC roof tiles, PENTER pavers, ARGETON facing tiles, CORIUM brick slips and CLICKBRICK – the options to make your home or project the most unique & stand-out is limitless. 

The choice of façade walling systems is stunning. The range is extensive & innovative. Now, you can have a brick on your house that no-one else has or has thought of – at least for now!

Fired in some of the oldest kilns in the world, dotted all around Europe using some of the most traditional and time-tested production techniques, it’s no wonder Stellaria bricks are getting so much attention in NZ.

The tradition & timelessness of this most ancient & valuable craft of brick-making is in our bones. We all know it and see it. It’s an unmistakable beauty many of us struggle to describe because it just is. We fall in love with the art, the craft and the integrity of such an honest product – clay. 

Wienerberger’s reputation on the world stage of construction materials - supplied in over 30 countries around the globe is unmatched. With over 200 plants for all their products we know this is a brand to be trusted. The brand is the promise. 


The team at Stellaria are infinitely proud to be partnered with such a company as this. In turn, the Stellaria brand is our promise to you…

In working with us, we are dedicated to your project being the best it can be. We help you realise your passion and vision for your design and your dream. 


When you work with us... the Stellaria team is committed to you. 

Porotherm Internal walls

Our Partners.

Our Partners

Our Services.

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