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More with Less - Eco-brick.

Stellaria in conjunction with our partner Wienerberger; are once more breaking new ground to enhance the quality of life of present and future generations. With natural clay building materials like the Eco-brick®

The Eco-brick® offers the same benefits in terms of quality as a conventional facing brick. It is durable, recyclable and requires little maintenance. Moreover, with a thickness of just 6.5 centimeters, the facing brick is a third narrower and lighter. This subtle difference means that less clay is extracted, processed and transported to make it, cutting the carbon footprint per square meter of facade by up to one third.

Stellaria Eco Bricks
Eco Brick

The perfect choice for environmentally aware housebuilders and specifiers.

The slim line look is just the beginning of what sets Eco-bricks® apart, the reduced thickness doesn't just contribute to exterior or interior appeal; it also enables you to make an informed choice when selecting building materials.

"The Eco-brick® is part of a major shift toward even greater sustainability in the construction industry, a trend that is set to continue in coming decades."

Hans Cools - Product Manager for Wienerberger Belgium


Stellaria Eco Bricks
Slim Line

Eco-brick® facades provide the same advantages and characteristics as traditional ceramic cladding bricks but in a more compact size. The 3.5 centimeter reduction in width of an Eco-brick® allows for a slimmer profile, which can be beneficial for certain architectural designs and construction purposes.

Stellaria Eco Bricks

Despite the slimmer profile of Eco-brick® facades, there are no sacrifices or compromises when it comes to important qualities such as durability, strength, or stability. Eco-bricks® still maintain the same level of robustness, resilience, and structural integrity as their larger counterparts.

Stellaria Eco Bricks
More Space for Living

Even seemingly small differences in width, such as the 3.5 centimeters saved compared to traditional ceramic cladding bricks, can have a notable impact, especially when considering the cumulative effect across an entire building or floor area.

While individually it might not appear significant, when multiplied over numerous units used in constructing a house or building, the saved space can create noticeable benefits, enhancing the overall livability and functionality of the space.

Stellaria Eco Bricks
Light Weight Construction

The advantages of Eco-bricks® extend beyond their impact on the finished structure; the benefits are noticeable on site as well. The lighter weight of these narrower bricks makes them easier to handle, reducing the physical strain on construction workers, while classical bricklaying techniques are streamlined yet maintained.

Stellaria Eco Bricks
Versatile Solution

Eco-bricks® are suitable for both new builds and renovations. A truly modern wall facade brick, distinguished by its narrower profile, enhancing aesthetics.

Stellaria Eco Bricks
The Range

Eco-brick® is available in numerous, timeless & striking shades. With a constantly evolving and increasing range of bricks in the eco-brick collection, you can be sure that all styles of architecture are possible.

The Eco-brick® system comes in a wide range of colours. Embracing Eco-bricks® not only enhances the energy efficiency and aesthetics of buildings but also contributes to a more ergonomic and efficient construction process, with all the properties of a standard clay brick including strength, durability and the ability to deliver a quality build with longevity.


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