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An Autumn Weekend in a Stellaria Clay Block Home. 

Building a home is a journey many of us eagerly embark upon in our lifetime. However, as enthusiastic new builders, I think it’s fair to say Kiwis often spare little thought beyond aesthetics and practicality. Call me a naïve nelly, but I’ve always held the assumption that new homes automatically prioritise health and well-being. Because if you’re building new, you’re utilising the best design and innovation on the market, right? 

Porotherm Sustainable Building Block Stellaria NZ

However, a recent stay at a Stellaria Porotherm Clay Block home in Cambridge opened my eyes to the contrary reality of most homes in New Zealand.

Arriving on a drizzly Autumn evening, I expected little deviation from the norm. Yet, stepping inside, I was met with an unexpected feeling. The place exuded a tranquility and purity difficult to articulate. It felt as though I was standing riverside on a cool morning, breathing in crisp, untainted air. 

Porotherm Sustainable Building Block Stellaria NZ

My partner, with his keen interest in construction, couldn't simply accept the sensation, he felt compelled to delve into the science behind why we were suddenly feeling so surreal. It was a glance through the brochure provided (with a glass of bubbles in hand) that revealed the home's charm stemmed from its innovative construction material, the Porotherm Clay Block.

Stellaria - Discover a new way of living

Previously indifferent to block homes, I found myself captivated by its honeycomb matrix design, offering insulation, structure, and aesthetic appeal in one natural package. With interior aesthetics equally enchanting, the concrete-like, natural plaster walls exude warmth and sophistication. 

Stellaria brick

However, the true revelation came at bedtime. Accustomed to the chill of a 1970s timber-framed home, the Stellaria sleep experience almost had me calling our local real estate agent. Climbing into bed the temperature was just right, offering a perfect balance between warmth and comfort. The home certainly understood the ‘optimal sleep temperature’ assignment - I’ve never had sleep quite like it. 

Porotherm Sustainable Building Block Stellaria NZ

While our visit to Cambridge was intended merely as a getaway, it quickly became an enlightening journey into home construction and comfort. The Stellaria Porotherm Clay Block home not only offered respite but also sparked a newfound appreciation for thoughtful design and construction.

Experiencing the brilliance of European craftsmanship was a surprise. And with this discovery, I happily acknowledge its place among Europe's most esteemed inventions, right alongside the French croissant but not before Italian pasta.

Lara Hornby 


Nestled in Cambridge's new Hamlet on Swayne Rd, this solid masonry home stands out with its unique features. Situated just a 5-minute drive from the picturesque township of Cambridge, the collection of masonry homes to be built, redefine family village living.

Constructed using breathable, 100% natural materials, including POROTHERM Clay Block and TERCA clay façade brick, the residence embodies a distinct character.  With permanence and sustainability at its core, these masonry homes are designed to last for generations, ensuring enduring comfort and a lasting legacy.

Open to View, Fridays & Saturdays 10am - 2pm or contact the team at Stellaria to to arrange viewings by appointment outside of these hours.


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