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UPVC Windows

uPVC is affordable, easy to care for, durable, not affected by moisture and has low conductivity. No surprise that this material is in use in many products and industries - and also in UPVC window manufacture.

uPVC is also extremely flexible when heated and therefore allows the construction of different window shapes such as triangular uPVC windows or round and pointed arches. However, once hardened, it is extremely  robust and durable. uPVC windows are hardly affected by weather conditions and are ideal for rooms with high humidity, such as bathrooms, as it does not affect the UPVC windows. Thermal insulation is excellent due to the low conductivity. Profile cavities and insulation with UPVC windows additionally improve thermal insulation.

All Internorm uPVC windows are made with all round bonding of the glass pane with the window sash. Stability, thermal insulation, sound protection, burglary protection and functionality of the UPVC window are considerably improved.

Inside View

The classic white uPVC windows can also be designed with timber décor foil on the inside.

A wide choice of window handles is available.

Outside View

White uPVC windows look clean, modern and elegant. They become an important architectural feature in the design of your house or façade

UPVC-Aluminium Windows

Although white uPVC windows are still  popular, many customers these days are looking for more flexibility and uPVC-aluminium composite windows are the perfect solution. The powder-coated aluminium cladding on the outside of the uPVC-aluminium window is maintenance-free and available in many colours and surface options, with the current trend being dark grey, stainless steel or metallic colours. The demand for more neutral beige and brown tones in addition to the numerous grey tones for aluminium composite windows is also on the rise.

Further to a wide range of colours and design styles of the UPVC-aluminium windows, we can also offer you technical highlights such as I-tec ventilation. This ventilation can be fitted directly into the uPVC-aluminium window frame of KF 410 or KV 440. You can control how strong the ventilation should be and how often it should be switched on - and this individually for each uPVC-aluminium window, therefore controlling the climate in each room.

The triple-glazed uPVC-aluminium windows provide exceptionally high performance, with U-values as low as 0.62 W/(m2K) and noise reduction as high as 47 dB. The more recent KF 520 and new KF 510 also include the patented I-tec Secure locking system, which makes the windows virtually burglary proof.

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Inside View

Square-edged or flush sashes of studio windows fit perfectly to the clear structures of your interior design. Straight-lined window handles with flat handle cover plates underlined the minimalist appearance.

Outside View

Studio windows are reduced to the basics. The simple, flush window frames become the design elements and emphasise the extraordinary architecture.

Timber-Aluminium Windows

For centuries, windows have been manufactured exclusively from timber - each wooden window was a unique master piece - made by hand, exactly adapted to the fitting location and its function. Even if Internorm quality wooden windows nowadays are manufactured partly by a mechanised process, craftsmanship is still involved and thus upgrades the timber-aluminium window.

Thus, the processed timber is subject to strict criteria at Internorm. Already when the wood is cut at the sawmill, only the best and nicest pieces of the trunk are used to achieve an even grain pattern and to emphasise the timber characteristics; all with the aim to achieve the most harmonious and individual composite window. 

Timber does not only provide naturalness and cosiness as material. Characteristics such as low thermal conductivity as well as high strength and stability fulfil even high static requirements of a composite window. The composite of aluminium, thermal foam and timber in composite windows features a weather-resistant aluminium clad on the outside and a warm timber surface on the inside of the timber-aluminium window. This results a composite window with perfect insulation properties with narrow construction depth and many possibilities of colour design.

Internorm timber-aluminium windows can be perfectly combined with UPVC-Aluminium windows in all four design styles.