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Internorm Range.

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Windows and Doors Brochure

uPVC Windows

uPVC, known for its affordability, easy maintenance, durability, resistance to moisture, and low conductivity, is a widely used material across various industries, including the manufacturing of uPVC windows.

The flexibility of uPVC when heated allows for the construction of diverse window shapes, such as triangular uPVC windows or round and pointed arches. Once hardened, it becomes exceptionally robust and durable. uPVC windows exhibit remarkable resilience to weather conditions, making them ideal for spaces with high humidity, like bathrooms, where they remain unaffected. The thermal insulation of uPVC windows is outstanding due to their low conductivity. The inclusion of profile cavities and insulation further enhances the thermal insulation, contributing to the overall stability, thermal efficiency, sound protection, burglary resistance, and functionality of Internorm uPVC windows, which feature all-around bonding of the glass pane with the window sash.

Inside View

The classic white uPVC windows can also be designed with timber décor foil on the inside.

A wide choice of window handles is available.

Outside View

White uPVC windows look clean, modern and elegant. They become an important architectural feature in the design of your house or façade

uPVC-Aluminium Windows

While white uPVC windows remain popular, there's a growing demand for increased flexibility, making uPVC-aluminium composite windows an ideal solution. The powder-coated aluminum cladding on the exterior of these windows is not only maintenance-free but also available in a wide array of colors and surface options. Currently, dark grey, stainless steel, and metallic colors are trending, with rising interest in neutral beige, brown tones, and various shades of grey for aluminum composite windows.


In addition to offering a diverse range of colors and design styles, our uPVC-aluminium windows come with technical highlights, such as I-tec ventilation. This ventilation system can be seamlessly integrated into the frame of KF 410 or KV 440 uPVC-aluminium windows. It allows personalised control over the strength and frequency of ventilation for each window, enabling individual climate control in each room.

Our triple-glazed uPVC-aluminium windows boast exceptional performance, featuring U-values as low as 0.62 W/(m2K) and impressive noise reduction of up to 47 dB. The more recent KF 520 and the new KF 510 models also incorporate the patented I-tec Secure locking system, enhancing the security of the windows and making them virtually burglary-proof.

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Inside View

Square-edged or flush sashes of studio windows fit perfectly to the clear structures of your interior design. Straight-lined window handles with flat handle cover plates underlined the minimalist appearance.

Outside View

Studio windows are reduced to the basics. The simple, flush window frames become the design elements and emphasise the extraordinary architecture.

Timber-Aluminium Windows

For centuries, windows were exclusively crafted from timber, each wooden window representing a unique masterpiece meticulously made by hand. While Internorm's quality wooden windows now undergo a partially mechanised process, craftsmanship remains a vital component, elevating the timber-aluminium window.

Internorm imposes stringent criteria on the processed timber. From the sawmill, only the finest and most aesthetically pleasing sections of the trunk are utilised to achieve a consistent grain pattern and accentuate the timber's natural characteristics. The goal is to create the most harmonious and individual composite window.

Timber not only imparts a sense of naturalness and coziness but also possesses attributes like low thermal conductivity, high strength, and stability, meeting stringent static requirements for a composite window. Internorm's composite windows integrate aluminum, thermal foam, and timber, featuring a weather-resistant aluminum exterior and a warm timber surface on the interior. This combination results in a composite window with optimal insulation properties, a slim construction depth, and a multitude of color design possibilities.

Internorm's timber-aluminium windows seamlessly complement uPVC-Aluminium windows across all four design styles, offering a versatile and harmonious solution.

Inside View

Enjoy the warmth, cosiness and naturalness of timber. Next to timber types spruce and larch, we can also offer you oak, ash and walnut. These can be designed in many colours.

Outside View

Painting windows will be a thing of the past! Due to the aluminium clad, the timber is protected from weather influences. A wide range of colours offer countless design possibilities.

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