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Building with clay block is nothing new. This construction system has been around in Europe for over 150 years and forms up to 85% of building in some countries throughout Europe. So it makes sense that as many New Zealanders travelling to Europe and experiencing the sense of longevity living in these buildings provides – why not re-create this in NZ?  

Feeling the difference between a timber/stick frame home and a clay/block build home – there’s just no comparison.

Once you step inside these walls; it’s quiet, solid and safe. These are true forever homes because they will still be standing in 400+ years, unchanged.

Kiwis are becoming much more discerning and yearning for a better way to build. With the realisation of the high durability & the high performance a Porotherm clay block home provides, for the same cost as a timber stick frame home - it’s no wonder Kiwis are turning to BLOCKBUILD.

Why not get more for your money if you know you can…

Benefits of Building with Porotherm Clay Block

  1. Longevity: Clay block buildings have a history of lasting for centuries in Europe, providing a sense of longevity and durability. Appealing to those who value long-lasting structures.

  2. Comparative Comfort: The difference in feel between a timber/stick frame home and a clay/block build home is noted, qualities such as quietness, solidity, and a sense of safety. Particularly attractive to those seeking a comfortable living environment.

  3. High Durability and Performance: High durability and performance, clay block homes require less maintenance over time compared to other construction methods. An appealing feature for those looking for a cost-effective and low-maintenance housing solutions.

  4. Cost-Effectiveness: Clay block home's can be built for the same cost as a 140mm timber stick frame home, an incentive for homeowners to consider...

  5. Growing Interest in Better Building Methods: Kiwis are becoming more discerning and seeking a better way to build aligning with a global trend toward sustainable and durable construction practices. 

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