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Imperium Albius

Imperium Albius

The Albius brick is one of a series of 4 bricks from the Imperium Range. It comes in two different styles - the RF, and the Iluzo. The RF style is just a normal shape. The Iluzo style has a cut-out on the top of the brick, which means when it's laid, you can't see the mortar, hence known as a 'mortarless look', which is unique to NZ. 


The colour of the brick itself is actually brown - the white is a special 'engobe' that's fired onto it during the production process, and then it's tumbled. This results in a naturally 'mottled' effect once the brick is up on the facade. We supply bricklayers with 'touch-up' mortar, which is essentially dabbed onto the brick to mitigate the mottling effect if need be. 


Explore our portfolio of projects featuring Imperium Albius, both within New Zealand and internationally, on our Terca Clay Brick Projects NZ page and Terca International Terca Brick page.


  • Dimensions Available (LxWxH)

    ECO RF - 238 x 75 x 40

    ECO ILUZO - 238 x 75 x 48

  • Weight

    ECO RF - 1.20 kg/brick

    ECO ILUZO - 1.30 kg/brick

  • Bricks p/m2

    ECO RF - 77 p/m2

    ECO ILUZO - 78 p/m2

  • Technical Data

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