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One of our truly popular all natural clay bricks, authentic in every way, you won't be dissapointed with the Belluno rustic red brick for your facade. 


The Rustica collection is steeped in character, the look portrays a brick that has lived, with typical irregularities but which is in fact newly formed. Ideal for lovers of a simple yet often rough in appearance brick facade.


For more on this brick and others like it visit our NZ Brick Projects Page.

  • Dimensions Available (LxWxH)

    WDF - 215 x 102 x 65

    NF - 240 x 114 x 71

  • Weight

    WDF - 2.20 kg/brick

    NF - 3.20 kg/brick

  • Bricks p/m2

    WDF - 57 p/m2

    NF - 48 p/m2

  • Technical Data

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