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Stellaria Showroom Opens in Parnell

A time-honoured building system in Europe is being utilised to craft homes that embody a heritage-worthy essence.

Homes are meant to be sanctuaries of security, comfort and lasting memories, where loved ones gather to create cherished moments to last generations. At least this is the dream, Chris and Robyn MacPherson are striving to create for more people with Stellaria, a company dedicated to premium building materials.

Partnered with Wienerberger, Stellaria has been introducing clay building materials to NZ with a fresh and innovative approach.

Stellaria supplies a host of mid- to high-end projects across NZ, with their range of clay construction products, including Terca facing bricks, Porotherm Clay Walling Blocks, Penter Clay Pavers and Koramic Clay Roof Tiles. Not to mention the more commercially placed Argeton & Corium ceramic cladding - designed for speed of installation & where light-weight facade solutions are required.

The new Stellaria Showroom at Residium (formerly the Home Ideas Centre, Auckland) includes a comprehensive range of all our product offerings, samples to view, create mood boards with and explore our entire range. We have a large counter-space area, that includes docking stations and syncs to the large screen TV, so you can meet with your architect/designer/specifier on site to lay out plans, get them up on the big screen, discuss and finalise options.

Two of our most popular product offerings are our Terca Clay Brick & Porotherm Structural Clay Wall Blocks.

Moving away from the NZ 70 series brick, we offer the perfect mixture between a classic brick facade with a spin on tomorrow's architecture. It provides a new world of brick in NZ, with exciting new colours, formats, texture and style, creating near boundless opportunities for brick cladding on kiwi builds.

All clay building products in the Stellaria Showroom are displayed with QR codes, instantly taking you to our Browse Bricks page on the Stellaria website, providing further information on formats, colour options within a collection and sample ordering.

Our Porotherm clay walling block system is supremely efficient to build with. Porotherm has been used in many designs and projects across both the North and the South islands. With their sheer size, (minimum 250mm external wall), thermal (see the CLIMAmur Insulated Range - used in several Queenstown projects) and seismic capabilities we are seeing a huge demand in this building system.

Porotherm is fast becoming the number one product to consider for any solid masonry home. Despite the perception that building with it is going to be more expensive, this product is for every home, comparable with a 140mm timber-frame build, at roughly $4,500-$5,500 per m2 to build.

We now offer an online resource - BLOCKBUILD to connect people considering designing a home using Porotherm. We have a range of architects, designers, homes companies, engineers, builders and block-layers that all have experience and love working with our Porotherm Clay Block System.

You can go and experience all this and more within our Stellaria Showroom at Residium 165 The Strand, Parnell. Open 7 days with free parking on Level 3.


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