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Product Used - Porotherm Clay Block

Location - Karapiro 

Architect - M.A.L Architectural Design

Set on the West side of the Waikato River in the centre of an extensive farm, this will be a Porotherm family home with and additional minor dwelling. Using R25Th+ for low energy and maintenance, concrete roof and triple glazed joinery will make this home with panoramic views a forever home. Our clients came across Porotherm in Europe and loved it!

A word from the homeowner

"I love living in that house... The guest house with no heat always sits 10 degrees above the outside air temperature.

There’s a massive improvement in the temperatures of the house if you have a sunny day in winter as the blocks slowly release the stored heat overnight. 

You do need to put heat into the house to remain comfortable, especially after an overcast day. The benefit of the block is the heat you put in it stays in. For example last night 0 outside I lit the one fire in the evening and dampened it overnight. My room was 15 this morning (coldest room) but the rest of the house was comfortable. Which is saying something with our high ceilings and large open spaces. Was only when I went out to the car I realised how cold it was outside.

The house is extremely efficient. The other thing I love about the house is that it can be howling winds outside and you just sit there feeling safe in such a strong, solid home. Absolutely love it."

Roger Laxon


Karapiro Riverside Porotherm Project 

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