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Koramic Range.

Partnered with Wienerberger in Europe, we now offer NZ the largest range of clay roof tiles available. Koramic roof tiles are kiln-fired to 1200 degrees centigrade, with over 50 unique roof tiles to choose from in an extensive range of sizes, styles and textures – glazed, sanded, multi-blend and more! Koramic Clay tiles can also be used as a ceramic facade! Shaping the individual character of a building in a unique, creative & seamless design.

Explore some of our Koramic Clay Tiles and find the perfect tile solution for your next roofing or cladding project.


You can find the full range in the catalogue below.

Double Depression Interlocking Mulden Tile

Koramic Double Depression Mulden tiles manufactured by Wienerberger, gives designers and architects the opportunity to achieve a gentle undulating appearance, while the water-drainage surface is fitted with a central rib that gives the tile great mechanical strength. 

Flat Tile Interlocking 

These premium tiles give the roof a plane an minimal appearance, with great strength and durability. The modern flat interlocking profile allows for reduction in construction time and costs and being larger in size they tend to cover more area per sqm than traditional clay tiles. 

Hollow Tile Interlocking

Inspired by the roof profiles of Northern France with an undulating wavy appearance, these roof tiles come in a range of colours and textures, from dark clays to matt clays and the more modern glaze, another premium roof tile specifically designed by Wienerberger.

Hollow Tile

These tiles are not interlocking but allow for an arched water-drainage section resulting in this type of tile giving the roof plane an undulating wavy appearance, typically seen in Flemish & French roof profiles.