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2226 - AUSTRIA

Product used – Porotherm Clay Block

Architect – Baumschlager-Eberle

According to the concept, the “2226” office building requires less energy and, thanks to the elementary means of architecture, ensures well-being. 

The constructive-energetic basis for this comes from the accumulated knowledge of Baumschlager Eberle for 27 years now. The shell has a double-brick brick wall construction – the inner layer provides high compressive strength while the outer layer insulates. Deep window soffits reduce the heat input and ventilation sashes attached on the inside are controlled by sensors to make the room climate comfortable. An example: In winter, the waste heat from people, the light, the office machines and the computers ensures a high energy input – there are no heat sources (heating) of your own, the ventilation flaps only open when the CO2 content in the room increases. In the summer heat, the wings open at night for natural cooling. 

The temperature control takes place all year round solely via the energy sources that are already available in the room and should enable secure temperatures of 22 to 26°C – hence the name of the project: “2226”.

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