Experience a home using the best building materials in the world with POROTHERM...feeling at home is about feeling safe & secure knowing your home is a 'forever' home...

No other all-in-one building material compares with POROTHERM'S proven high-level performance for year-round comfort & wellness...

Wienerberger, Europe leads the world in sustainable building & renovation markets offering more than 1,000 products over the complete building envelope. Stellaria NZ Ltd have partnered with Wienerberger and we are incredibly excited to bring these amazing products to the NZ construction market. Durable, efficient, sustainable, thermal, cool, acoustic, fire-proof, safe, 100% natural - POROTHERM is precision technology in building using the world's oldest resource...

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A POROTHERM Clay Block home will give you the very best of European precision innovation offering everything a high performance, durable home should...

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Distribution partner with Wienerberger importing clay construction materials for eco, sustainable, healthy, energy efficient, green homes and buildings.


One of the most valuable attributes of Porotherm clay block construction is that it is four times faster than any other masonry construction method. 

Attention Specifiers & Architects:

When placing orders for any Wienerberger product, please allow a three month lead in! Although we have holding stock, we dont want to disappoint or delay your project.

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Green Sustainable Buildings

As part of Stellaria’s commitment to the environment and sustainability, we offset the carbon footprint to import natural clay products from Europe to NZ by planting five large trees, or similar and of our client’s choice – for each of our Porotherm projects.
In this way, we trust we are doing our part to also give back to the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

Introducing the e4 blockhouse


A small, future-proofed, healthy home all kiwis can enjoy and truly trust. Your forever home!


Our partners

We are lucky to work with some amazing businesses that compliment our products & unique business ethos.

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