Wienerberger Facatile – Minimalistic New Roof and Wall Tile

Wienerberger Facatile Clay Roof Wall Tile

Facatile is an elegant, modern tile that creates a seamless transition between the roof and walls.

The Facatile is one of Wienerberger’s latest brilliant innovations for the clay construction industry. With a pure and contemporary appearance, this facade opens up a world of aesthetic possibilities for residential and commercial projects.
With true European precision, installation is incredibly simple as Wienerberger have also developed a full offering of clay fittings and accessories. Installation of Facatile is very similar to the installation of roof tiles, so any roofer can undertake the task. Full installation requirements and technical specifications are provided.
Wienerberger Facatile Clay Roof Wall TileThe natural clay Facatile is highly durable and expected to last many generations with a manufacturers’ guarantee of 30 years. It is highly frost-resistant and weatherproof. If the tile becomes damaged, tiles can be easily replaced. These tiles are 100% colourfast and UV resistant. Facatile tiles keep their original colour even when they develop an attractive patina as they age. Near zero maintenance is required.
The Facatile tile meets all European production standards under EN 1304 which allows them to receive the Belgian BENOR quality certificate. This quality mark guarantees aspect, format, dimensional stability and frost resistance. The ISO certificate confirms the constant implementation of a meticulous quality assurance system at all stages of product development, production, sales and marketing. Stellaria NZ provides Product Technical Statements to meet NZ Building Code requirements for all products sold in NZ.
The tiles are available in seven different colours — Natural Red, Siena Red, Sand Grey, Terra Brown, Slate Engobe, Braised Aubergine and Braised Blue.


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