Why The Circular Economy – September Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

This week we looked into ‘The Circular Economy’ and what it means for us. It was an interesting delve!

Transforming our throwaway economy into one where Waste is Eliminated, Resources are Circulated and Nature is Regenerated are the three key elements of a Circular Economy. At the heart of all Wienerberger’s operations is sustainability through the circular economy. Recently on one of our Porotherm builds at Breamtail, the owner commented:

“This has been a two-stage build with the first stage Garage and Studio constructed from traditional timber framing followed by the main house from Porotherm block. It has been an interesting comparison from multiple perspectives. Firstly the time to get the walls up (we cut and nailed the timber frames on-site) has been significantly less with the Porotherm block. The amount of rubbish produced with a timber framing system is dreadful when compared to what we are now experiencing with the Porotherm block system (virtually nil).” Breamtail Farm

We are very proud Porotherm Clay Block holds an NZ DECLARE label meaning the blocks are 100% free of any toxicity. If you missed our LinkedIn Article read here.

In the world of bricks… Cassia is one of the most expressive and unmistakable due to its very special manufacturing and installation process. We created a simple brochure to show how it is delivered ‘joined together’ and ‘tapped out’ to split the bricks, revealing two unique and spontaneous edges. See more.

Project Progress for this month is Argeton in Dunedin. Zac Williams of Third Little Pig Homes said “we are rapt with the how the tiles are going, it’s really good!”. On this residential build designed by Johnston Architects, Christchurch Argeton in ‘Volcano Grey’ creates a lasting and timeless facade. See this project here.

Thank you for receiving our newsletter – we wish you the very best in building for the future…

The Stellaria Team

Tapping out the CASSIA

Cassia Brick

Arriving on site as one piece – the most exciting part is to split the bricks on site prior to installing. Seeing how they ‘fall’ is part of the creative energy and fun of Cassia!

Crafted to create a new and different edge each time this brick can be used forming the ‘pattern’ from all edges. Bringing back the art of a unique and timeless facade.

Clipping on ARGETON

Using the aluminium Horizontal or Vertical railing system, once this is installed – clipping on the tiles is simple, seamless and easy!

Installing the ARGETON railing system in Dunedin…

Argeton Volcano Grey

Installing the Horizontal Carrier railing system, in preparation for the ‘Volcano Grey’ tiles at 1200mm length. We can hardly wait to see the end result!

Cassia – the Fistula Flower…who would have thought!

Cassia cinnamon comes from the Cinnamomum cassia tree.

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