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As the bricks go up on our Cambridge showhome and enquiry about building with Porotherm increases we thought we would talk about cladding systems on Clay Block, which can be anything…

Living in a Clay Block home is a unique experience due mainly to its breathability. Imagine moisture and air being able to move right across the whole wall. The resulting indoor air climate and quality is 100% natural and fresh – with minimum mechanical ventilation, heating or cooling required. Here we show you how you can choose any cladding system and still retain the integrity of the block system. This is the ultimate in living well! See our LinkedIn article here on how this works…

In the world of bricks… we are so excited about Wienerberger’s latest innovation in the ECO Wasserstrich bricks. ECO bricks are a great option for Kiwi builds with many benefits. For this ‘Slim-Line’ difference see here.

Project Progress for this month is the Beerse Agora bricks going on over the Porotherm blocks for the Cambridge showhome. Just down the road, Amberley Red Multi bricks on timber frame are also looking amazing. Both using a flush mortar…and we really like it!

Another pic of Red Oaks planted on the farm to offset the carbon footprint of Deb & Stu Ranger’s Putaruru Porotherm home…these will create a stunning vista!

A word on Ordering: This year, we have experienced rapidly rising costs across the board, which we have tried to absorb as far as possible. It has been quite a year for us all. As the end of the year is now rapidly approaching we will have our usual annual price rise so please do let us know if you would like to place your order for next year to beat this one…

Thank you for receiving our newsletter – we wish you the very best in building for the future…

The Stellaria Team

Beerse Agora Agate Grey (Agaatgrijs) – Cladding on Porotherm Block

Cambridge Showhome - Beerse Agora Agate Grey (Agaatgrijs) Brick

The walls will have two cladding systems – and we can’t think of a better two systems not only for aesthetics but also for durability and near zero maintenance. Richard from Central Bricklaying says he is loving the brick. “It is just so different. Everyone who passes by notices – it really stands out… The flush mortar follows the variation and soft mud look of the brick – every brick is different”.

Plaster & Brick Blend on Porotherm

Cambridge Showhome - Beerse Agora Agate Grey (Agaatgrijs) Brick

With a breathable plaster by Resene Construction Systems, the blocks meet NZ E2 requirements. Under the bricks with a 50mm cavity, an Ecopage called Biopin is applied to create a breathable sealant for the brick cladding and installation is ‘tied in’ as any other brick.

Amberley Red Multi on the Corner

The owners and bricklayers have also chosen to use a flush mortar and we really love it! Bricklayer Steve from Martin Bricklayers, Cambridge, is very happy – in his own words “there are no broken bricks which is all about the quality of the bricks, we are really enjoying laying them”. Thank you Steve, you are doing a great job!

NEW! Whats Up with Wienerberger – Wasserstrich ECO

Wienerberger’s ‘What’s Up’ announce this new ECO Wasserstrich brick. In six gorgeous colours and dimensions, it sits somewhere between a long, low format and a Roman brick. Always innovating, always something new from Wienerberger!

Red Oaks Planted at Putaruru

As we do our bit to offset the carbon footprint shipping to NZ Deb and Stu Ranger will have a beautiful vista of Red Oaks from the loggia of their gorgeous Porotherm home…

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