The Accidental Passive House – August Newsletter

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As a follow on from ‘Clean Building’ this week we talk about the ‘Accidental Passive House’ and what this means. With over twenty-five Porotherm and CLIMAmur projects across NZ now…we are hearing back from clients and loving what we are hearing! The clay block walls are doing everything they promise. These buildings need very little heating & cooling and more surprisingly – ventilation! This is due to the 100% natural ‘breathing’ walls.

One of our favourite projects in Europe is the 2226 office building in Austria which was dubbed ‘The Accidental Passive House’. As described by the architect – ‘it didn’t need to be a mini power station to function’. They found the building needed minimal heating/cooling. No mechanical air exchange or heat recovery was required. We love this because it means the walls are maintaining optimal temperature and indoor air quality on their own – just doing it all! If you missed our LinkedIn article on this, read here.

One of our favourite bricks is the Wasserstrich or ‘Waterstruck’ brick – discover why this is proving to be so popular here in NZ. With a number of projects about to start using our long format bricks we explore why this low, horizontal look is taking off.

Lastly, we are excited to introduce you to the Queenstown Gatehouse project…about to start using the CLIMAmur blocks, this small home will act as ‘guardian’ to the Stalker residence also built with CLIMAmur Clay Blocks.

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The Stellaria Team

Wasserstrich ‘Special Grey’

This very special facade radiates rough elegance due to the actual rough edge of the bricks. The weathered, lightly planned look is a result of a unique production process. The clay is pressed into a mould, rolled and then removed by ‘striking’ it with water, as it ‘slides’ out, it leaves a fabulous textural patina.

Historically, ‘Waterstruck’ became the most used moulded brick in New England. It’s virtual indestructibility was attributed to this manufacturing process. Super low absorption rate, high compressive strength not to mention stunning appearance! This process applies to most of our brick range.

Queenstowns’ Gatehouse at Shotover Country

The Gatehouse CLIMAmur Project

This one bedroom CLIMAmur home designed by Chris MacPherson will act as a small but dynamic ‘guardian’ for the main Stalker residence. To be used as a showhome in Queenstown, first-hand performance and durability will be on display in this home.

CLIMAmur Clay Blocks in Action…

Queenstown CLIMAmur Project

In its’ third winter, this Queenstown home is proving itself to be all it promised! Designed by Ponting Fitzgerald using the CLIMAmur blocks – its is another perfect ‘accidental passive’ house, just doing it all.

Classic espaliered grape against the beautiful Wasserstrich brick wall…

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