The 4 “E’s”

The 4 E’s – Energy, Economy, Environment and Emotion define a set of principals that we believe should be fundamental when building a home.
Porotherm e4 individuals-economy emotion energy emotion

e4 – Fabric First Approach

HomeStar: The NZ Benchmark for Sustainability.
Homestar is an independent tool that rates and communicates the sustainability and performance of New Zealand homes against leading international standards.

Homestar has been developed using international rating tools and adapted for New Zealand’s specific conditions. It can be used on any residential building, from stand-alone homes to multi-unit dwellings. A home is rated on a scale from 1 to 10: 1 means it needs significant work, and 10 indicates international best practice. Most new homes built to Building Code achieve a 3-4 Homestar rating, and most existing New Zealand homes only achieve a 2-3 Homestar rating.

Wienerberger e4 Porotherm Blockhouse features


By taking the ‘fabric first’ approach and combining high-performing environmentally integral materials in the whole building envelope, Passive Solar House criteria of 15 kWh/m2a is easily attainable. This means zero-energy efficiency.


Passive home status means your home will give you all-year-round comfort, warm in winter and cool in summer. 100% natural clay and lime based plasters mean pure indoor air quality. A finished Porotherm wall is breathable and dry. No toxicity, no moulds.


Building with Porotherm uses 95% less water than concrete masonry on the construction site. Homestar level 10 requires water harvesting. Our homes facilitate this option.


Grey water management and recycling food and& household waste without the use of energy-consuming waste disposal systems is easily attainable.


Passive Solar Design is about correct site orientation to maximise and best utilize the sun’s radiant energy. By correct placement and good windows/ventilation, the building is easily able to heat and cool itself.


Thermal mass of the Porotherm wall system means the home can be easily managed in terms of energy-efficiency and home maintenance. Virtually no energy and maintenance is required. This means an average household saving of between $3,000- $5,000 p/year.


Porotherm Clay Block is a state-of-the-art building technology. The precision engineered blocks provide excellent R-value, acoustics and moisture management. In use throughout Europe for over 45 years, developed by Wienerberger – this construction technology is innovative & exciting for the NZ built environment – residential and commercial.



Innovative solutions for energy-efficient homes.
Wienerberger’s clay solutions are among the leading solutions available for high performing, energy-efficient homes.
The Proof

> 44% of houses awarded the French BBC-Effinergie* label have been built with clay blocks (Analysis of the French BBC-Effinergie* observatory indicators for 2013 covering all buildings awarded the BBC label since 2007).

> BRANZ Report found that heavy walls (such as Porotherm or Concrete walls) can improve the thermal performance of New Zealand homes – particularly by reducing heating requirements.

Up to 28% savings on the cost of the building shell + insulation for multi-dwelling programs.

> A wide range of insulating masonry, for better treatment of thermal bridges.

> Outstanding thermal resistance for roofs with external insulation (Koramic and Mammoth Insulation).

Stellaria NZ - Wienerberger E4 Porotherm Block House Benefits Energy (2)

25% savings on your energy bills with external roof insulation (Sarking by Koramic).

Stellaria NZ - Wienerberger E4 Porotherm Block House Benefits Energy (1)

44% of houses awarded the French BBC-Effinergie label are built with clay blocks.

(Indicators 2013 covering all the buildings awarded the BBC label since 2007)



Wienerberger’s clay solutions count among the leading solutions available to builders for energy-efficient homes.
Solutions that meet the most demanding regulations, at the very best construction and maintenance costs.
The Proof

> 50% time saved using the DRYFIX® system compared to traditional masonry 40% time saved using thin bed mortar applied with the roller application compared to traditional masonry.

> 25% time saved by installing large mould roof tiles.

Up to 28% savings on the cost of the building shell + insulation for multi-dwelling programs.

> No maintenance costs with Wienerberger’s façade solutions.

> Outstanding thermal resistance for roofs with external insulation (Koramic and Mammoth Insulation).



Clay solutions that optimise the environmental balance.
Wienerberger’s clay solutions are developed with a concern to protect our environment and reduce impacts.
The Proof

40% renewable energy is used to manufacture our structural blocks.

> Over 300,000 pallets a year recycled.

> 42% reduction in CO2 emissions from fuel combustion per ton of products manufactured in the last 30 years.

98% local production.

> 96% savings on water and mortar by using the roller applicator.

> Rehabilitation of our quarries helps to develop biodiversity.

> 100% of clay waste is ground down and recycled.



Solutions that contribute to your family’s health and well-being.
Wienerberger’s clay solutions contribute to quality of life. Clay as a natural material offers the perfect solution. Living is healthy and pleasant.
The Proof

The airtightness of houses built with clay blocks can easily meet Passive House standards if required.

> Zero Mould.

> Air quality: free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), clay solutions are classed A+.

First French company to obtain the Natureplus® certificate for high energy performance products.

> No risk of condensation: clay solutions banish moisture from insulation and buildings.

> 210 colour references available in our roof tiles to match all local styles.

> Attractive modern façades thanks to the dry joint masonry system (Invisible Joint technique).