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Brick Used - Rustica St Ives & Abote (Abbotsley Antique)

Location - Cambridge

‘We are absolutely rapt…we absolutely love it!

When we were choosing our brick, we went driving & driving looking at bricks on houses.

We just couldn't find the brick we wanted & considered other cladding options - but wanted the solid durability of brick. Then we met with the Stellaria team and loved the range and choice of bricks.

It was Viv’s brainwave to blend the two bricks together – the look she and the bricky achieved is head & shoulders above anything we have ever done before.

They worked very hard experimenting with the mortar, adding more & more and breaking some of the bricks to achieve the random bond look – it was exactly what we were after!

We have built 5 houses and this is our most favourite by far…

Steve & Viv Jackson

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