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Brick used – Revello Brick Slips

Location – Residium Parnell, Auckland 

Architect – MacPherson Architecture

Builder - Dan Sneddon - PRS Limited

Brick Layer - Kelvin King - Kiings Tiler

Photos by John Williams Photography

The new Stellaria Showroom at Residium, formerly the Home Ideas Centre in Auckland, features a comprehensive display of our product offerings. Visitors can explore samples, create mood boards, and have access to our entire range. The showroom includes a spacious counter area with docking stations and a large screen TV, facilitating on-site meetings with architects, designers, and specifiers to discuss and finalise plans.

You can experience all this and more within our Stellaria Showroom at Residium 165 The Strand, Parnell.

Open 7 days with free parking on Level 3.

If you'd like us to accompany you and your client for a personalised tour, just give us a shout—we'd be delighted to arrange it.

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