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Products used - Terca Agora Agate Grey Bricks, Porotherm Clay Blocks,  Koramic Actua Roof Tiles and Penter Clay Pavers.

Location - Swayne Road, Cambridge

Brought to you by Stellaria & M.A.L Architectural Design

Solid masonry home on Cambridge’s new Hamlet on Swayne Rd. Using breathable, 100% natural building materials, this POROTHERM Clay Block home with TERCA clay façade brick, will be unique. Located within a 5-minute drive to the beautiful township of Cambridge – family village living in a cluster of masonry homes takes on new meaning. Two-level home offering timeless & solid modernity by using classic materials such as solid clay block walls with exterior clay façade brick combined with breathable lime plasters.

Experience living within walls that are always fresh & pure, dry, warm & cool – passively protecting you and your family for all-year-round comfort.Enjoy near zero energy efficiency and low maintenance with solid masonry walls & triple glazed joinery. Permanent & sustainable, these cluster masonry homes will last for many generations.

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