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Products used - Terca Agora Agate Grey Bricks, Porotherm Clay Blocks, Koramic Actua Roof Tiles and Penter Clay Pavers.

Location - 83 Swayne Road, Cambridge

Brought to you by Stellaria & M.A.L Architectural Design

Nestled in Cambridge's new Hamlet on Swayne Rd, this solid masonry home stands out with its unique features.

Constructed using breathable, 100% natural materials, including POROTHERM Clay Block and TERCA clay façade brick, the residence embodies a distinct character. Situated just a 5-minute drive from the picturesque township of Cambridge, this collection of masonry homes redefines family village living.

The two-level home combines timeless and solid modernity by incorporating classic materials like solid clay block walls with an exterior clay façade brick, complemented by breathable lime plasters. Interior design expertise by resident in house designer Cass, from Cassandra Swan Interiors adds a touch of sophistication.

Living within these walls offers a unique experience—always fresh, pure, dry, warm, and cool—providing passive protection for year-round comfort. The home boasts near-zero energy efficiency and low maintenance, thanks to solid masonry walls and triple-glazed joinery. With permanence and sustainability at its core, these masonry homes are designed to last for generations, ensuring enduring comfort and a lasting legacy.

Open Homes, Saturdays 10am - 2pm or by appointment.

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