Terca Pagus Grijs-Zwart brick – A sustainable investment property

“Playing with the wall thickness and the laying direction adds more texture”


To build a sustainable investment property with units both for sale and for letting, aimed primarily at students: those were the instructions given to EnPlusArchitecten. Because the city’s urban planning required a certain minimum floor area, smart use of the spaces and optimum connectivity with the neighbouring properties were a ‘must’. Rather than a limitation, this was seen as a challenge involving playing with cut-away and protruding elements. As well as expressive volumes, minimising the thickness of the outer walls helped save space.

Kortemark Pagus Grijs Zwart brick

Why Terca Pagus Grijs-Zwart?

To maximise the area, minimise the maintenance and provide good insulation, the agency had brick slips of its preferred brick – Pagus Grijs-Zwart – sawn and glued onto the underlying insulation. Cutting them to different thicknesses gives the grey-black facing brick extra texture. The insulating shell simply runs through from the wall onto the roof.

Placing the facing bricks vertically accentuates the interplay of the volumes. It is a creative choice that cost a little more, but the simple execution and the gains in floor area and time compensated for that with ease.

Kortemark Pagus Grijs Zwart brick


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Reference: Wienerberger Architectum 10

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