Egernsund Wienerberger has developed a new brick – with sustainability advantages that simply consists of three small holes, and with exactly the same dimensions and appearance as a completely traditional Danish brick. The only difference is that LESS reduces both C02 footprint and raw material consumption by double-digit percentages.

Terca Egernsund Bricks

Three holes lower the climate footprint
Specifically, the three holes in the LESS brick reduce raw material consumption by about 10% and energy consumption during drying and firing by about 20%. These environmental benefits are achieved without changing the aesthetics and appearance of the brick. LESS has exactly the same look and dimensions as the traditional bricks – only designed with three holes in the middle. 
As the LESS brick weighs less than a traditional brick, it will also facilitate transportation and handling. And it also contributes to a better working environment for the bricklayer.


Wienerberger Egernsund Bricks

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