Beautiful Terca Brick
From charcoal blacks & cinnamon browns, to deep burgundy reds & creamy vanillas with everything in between…
With over 1,700 different styles to choose from, you’re bound to find the right one for you. Wienerberger and façade brick are synonymous with innovation, unlimited selection and quality. They are the leading manufacturer of bricks worldwide, showcased every year in the globally promoted Annual Wienerberger Brick Awards. Wienerberger is the largest producer of bricks worldwide, some of them still manufactured by machine using the traditional ‘hand-thrown’ method to create ‘soft-mud’ bricks fired in 200-year-old kilns.
Wienerberger have created a stunning and timeless collection of different colours, effects, textures and tones – 100% natural & organic. Clay façade brick gives architects and designers the opportunity to showcase just how stunning brick can be. Design is unlimited, and the imagination of an architect can be fully challenged. Standing out from most cladding systems; brick is alive, organic, vibrant & versatile. Virtually no other façade material offers such a sensational selection of colour, shape & surface texture as Terca façade brick.
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Terca Clay Brick in Brief

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Wide range of shapes, colours, textures
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All Terca clay bricks have an internationally recognised CE label*.
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All Terca clay bricks are made of raw and recycled materials, 100% organic.
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All Terca clay bricks are recyclable, making them environmentally friendly.
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Fire Resistance

All Terca clay bricks are non-combustible and achieve an A1 resistance rating.
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Sound Proof

Compared to other cladding materials, clay bricks have a higher sound resistance.
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Thermal Efficiency

Clay bricks help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.
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Low Cost

Clay bricks generally cost around 2-3% of the total cost of the entire project budget.
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Low Maintenance

Little to no maintenance required for years to come.

*European Declaration os Performance – the product meets high safety, health and environmental protection requirements.

Wienerberger Terca Clay Brick in Numbers

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Number 1 Producer of
bricks in Europe

Different brick profiles to choose from

Projects have been submitted to
the Wienerberger Brick Awards*


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