Queenstown Home Features Stunning Terca Brick

Beerse Nero Zwart Mangaan

Terca Brick sits in perfect harmony with the landscape of this Queenstown project.



This beautiful Queenstown home creates a perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape. The home features one of Stellaria’s favourite Terca bricks — Nero Zwart Mangaan. The brick is named after manganese — a reference to the colour variation of the brick which takes on an ‘oxidised’ appearance from darker browns to black, creating a deep dimensional brick.

The Terca Nero Zwart Mangaan Brick is cast in moulds to form an irregular, nuanced shape with veins — typical of the appearance of traditional hand-formed bricks. The result is gorgeous. The surface texture is characteristic of the Terca brick — grainy with a fine sand appearance — one of the reasons why the team at Stellaria love it.

The colour of Nero Zwart Mangaan is homogeneous and works brilliantly with the joinery, roof colour and complementary cedar to provide the perfect blend of Queenstown architecture within its stunning surrounds.


Beerse Nero Zwart Mangaan

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Architecture: Mary Jowett Architects


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