New Zealand Projects

Browse our past, current and future projects here in New Zealand.

BOEN flooring
Karapiro Renovation NZ Project - BOEN flooring - main image

Karapiro Renovation Project

Argeton & Argelite
Whangapoua Project - main image

Whangapoua Argelite Project

Koramic Roof Tiles

Coatesville Auckland Project

Penter Pavers
Auckland Penter Project - Heteren Atlas Getrommeld & Heteren Triton Getrommeld clay pavers - main image

Auckland Penter Project

Terca Bricks
Queenstown Terca Project - Zwart Zwart Bezand Brick

Queenstown Terca Project

Matakana Terca Project - Beerse Rustical Oud Laethem - main image

Matakana Terca Project

Coatesville Auckland Project

Cambridge Terca Project - Peruwelz Saffier Bricks

Cambridge Terca Project

Kortemark Mardale Antique Project

Kortemark Mardale Antique Project

Terca brick Beerse Handmade Oud Hoeve (Renaissance) - Zenders Café and Venue Main Image

Zenders Café and Venue Project

Beerse Latero Basalto Brick - Christchurch Project

Christchurch Project

Stellaria NZ - Wienerberger Porotherm Projects - Karapiro Boathouse

Karapiro Boathouse

Karapiro Boathouse

Stellaria NZ - Wienerberger Porotherm Construction Clay Block - New Zealand Project Building Site - Taupo Project - HomeStar

Taupo Project

Stellaria NZ - Wienerberger Porotherm Projects - Karapiro Project 450x450

Karapiro Project

New Plymouth e4 Porotherm Project Main Image

New Plymouth Project

Martinborough Project

Martinborough Project

Putaruru Porotherm NZ Project - main image

Putaruru Project

East Tamaki Project - main image

East Tamaki Project

Queenstown Porotherm Project

Queenstown CLIMAmur Project

Te Awamutu NZ Porotherm Project - Main image

Te Awamutu Project

Rototuna NZ Project - main image

Rototuna Project

Mangawhai NZ Porotherm Project - main image

Mangawhai Project

Hawkes Bay Porotherm Project

Hawkes Bay Project