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Linaqua Vino

Linaqua Vino

Bright shades of red and purple dominate the Linaqua Vino.

The variations in shapes create a dynamic facade. You will also see veins and coal embers on the surface. LINAQUA - ARTISIAN BRICK FORMED IN A 1-YEAR-OLD-KILN Bricks from this collection are traditionally fired in the Maaseik factory, giving it an intense colour palette. The astonishing range of colours makes this facing brick the ideal brick for builders and architects who strive for a strong architecture and appearance, or who want to restore and renovate a home or building full of character.

  • Dimensions Available (LxWxH)

    SF43 - 256 x 90 x 43

  • Weight

    SF43 - 1.80 kg/brick

  • Bricks p/m2

    SF43 - 68 p/m2

  • Technical Data

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