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Wienerberger Exclusive Export Partners

19-22 September 2023 - Belgium

Recently Chris and Robyn MacPherson of Stellaria NZ were invited to the Wienerberger Exclusive Export Days Conference in Belgium.

Here they were treated to demonstrations of new products at the renewed Londerzeel showroom, visits to both the roof tiles plant in Pottelberg & the facing brick plant in Kortemark, as well as the opportunity to meet up and connect with other exporters from around the globe.

Thank you to our partner Wienerberger Belgium for making this all happen.

Arrival at the Winerberger Londerzeel Showroom

Our First Impression

We were absolutely blown away by the share size, scale and attention to detail that Wienerberger had undertaken to redesign and showcase all of the amazing products, providing an environment where visitors can interactively assemble combinations of materials from brick to roof tiles, pavers to clay walling blocks.

Wienerberger Londerzeel showroom and confrence centre

New Product Demos

Whilst at the showroom we were taken through demonstrations on both Corium & Click Brick cladding systems.

Corium a unique cladding system that combines the natural beauty of real brick with cost effective, fast track installation, offers a facing brick finish for projects where a lightweight facade system is required, rather than traditional masonry installation.

ClickBrick is a dry-stacking system that provides not only a beautifully traditional looking vivid facade but incredibly quick installation and a very popular mortarless look. The system does not require mortar as the bricks are ‘clipped’ into place.

ClickBrick bricks are hand moulded bricks produced in various colours. Due to the speed of installation, no mortaring or pointing is required. This system creates a huge advantage in modern bricklaying techniques and allows for a different skill base where traditional bricklaying experienced is not required.

Being mortarless, the bricks can be dismantled and used again on another project.

Corium Cladding Demo

Click Brick Demo

A Wonderful Experience

Wienerberger welcomed us and took care of us in absolute style! It was fantastic to meet and great other worlwide exporters who attended, as well as catch up with our core Wienerberger partners, who without their support we wouldn't be here. We love to participate with a business based on a great culture and values. Thank you Winerberger Belgium.

Gaston Rooftop Bar and Restaurant

Castle of the Counts

Stellaria & Wienerberger

Stellaria and Wienerberger share values of sustainability and durability within the building industry.

Wienerberger is over 200 years old and the largest producer of clay construction materials in the world. With a selection of over 700 of the world’s most beautiful TERCA Brick to choose from, KORAMIC roof tiles, PENTER pavers, ARGETON facing tiles, CORIUM brick slips and CLICKBRICK – the options to make your home or project the most unique & stand-out is limitless.


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