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Homestead & Gatehouse

First the Stalker Home, then the Gatehouse...

The main takeaway from this project is the quality of materials that make up the bulk of the build.

The walls - constructed from CLIMAmur and Porotherm Clay blocks - vary in thickness that range between 100mm (internal non load bearing walls) up to 350mm external structural CLIMAmur walls. The efficiency created by the block creates a regulation of heat transfer to provide an even, temperate climate all year round.

This is what the owners have to say...

“We are now living our dream in our beautiful home and wish to ‘Thank You All’ sincerely. We really love it! Special thanks to Josh who put a lot of heart into our build. The house holds the heat well and is very cosy, lovely and quiet with no condensation or moisture inside. We keep well and very happy we chose the CLIMAmur blocks”.

Shari & Grant Stalker, 2020

“We have had snow on the ground around the house for the last 6 days with daytime temp not reaching double figures and night average minus 2 degrees. The photo is from the study looking north we have been away for a couple of days and heating set on standby the study temp has dropped to 18 degrees overnight and gets to 20 plus from the sun only during the day. Very pleased with Porotherm blocks and no condensation.”

Shari & Grant Stalker, July 2021


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