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I Love Living in that House...

Hi Everyone, It's hard to believe we are over a month into Spring. Coming out of another NZ winter, we talked to a few of our Porotherm home owners to see how their houses performed. As a result, we are excited to share with you a few very special insights from our clients living in (or visiting) one of our Porotherm homes in NZ...the Testimonials we received were humbling and uplifting. We thought we'd share these with you.

Photographer and Porotherm homeowner Roger Laxon of Karapiro said... "I love living in that house...the guest house with no heat always sits 10 degrees above the outside air temperature..." read more here. Then, one of our newest clients Robynne & Harvey Ebbett who are about to build a Porotherm home on the Kapiti Coast, stayed in our Swayne Rd Showhome for 3 is what they shared with us... "Re: Our 3 day stay in your stunning show home... We loved it all, Swayne Rd gave us the feeling of a complete serenity never felt in our lifetime. One could not stay in it and leave without feeling the total ambiance from the wall finishing, the decor to quality furnishings. We thought we would, but our stay totally confirmed that we would be completely in love with what a Porotherm block build provides...Thank You to team Stellaria, and especially Robyn and Chris for the privilege." We are always excited to receive such testimonials. It makes everything we strive for and believe in for building better in NZ - all worthwhile! To read more about the showhome see our latest UNO article here for a great read on the differences between timber stick frame versus Block Build with Porotherm.

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This is a lovely connection between the main house and the B&B cottage. As some have said, being inside these homes is like a 'big hug', a feeling of being embraced by the walls. Quiet, natural, solid and serene.

Those who have experienced the showhome are telling us all the things we get excited to hear. The quality and sense of permanence where the walls breathe and retain warmth just by people living in it.

The block is our brand - the brand is a promise... The seven pillars of Porotherm delivering on its promises is confirmation this is the future of building for Kiwis who understand quality.

Quality, Safe, Natural, Durable, Stable in Value, Energy Saving & Versatile.

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