Rototuna Porotherm Project

POROTHERM Clay Blocks are a perfect addition to this existing Rammed Earth home in Hamilton. The brief was to be able to retain the existing acoustic and thermal properties of the Rammed Earth house. With existing walls 350mm wide, the POROTHERM R25 Th+ block, and plaster easily meets this brief.
The additional living area of 63m2 sits well with this unique home and garden. The challenge is to meet the colour of the original clay on the house with the lime plaster on the POROTHERM blocks. The construction project has gone very well with the walls going up in a matter of days. Designed by MacPherson Architecture Ltd and built by Gibson Construction, the end result will be a seamless transition between the old and new.
“I would like to thank Chris MacPherson from MacPherson Architecture for introducing us to the Porotherm clay block product. We were looking to add a living area onto our stabilised rammed earth house and didn’t want the cost of rammed earth construction so when Chris showed us the Porotherm block it seemed an obvious choice.
I did my research on the product and read all the literature I could find and finally felt comfortable to run with the product. Not only did it compliment the rammed earth in terms of look, wall thickness and material type it fitted with the eco-friendly natural type product that rammed earth is.
The project was completed in April 16 and we haven’t looked back – we love the new space we have created, we love the atmosphere of the extension, it fits in so well with the rest of the house.
An architect told me when I was looking at purchasing the property originally, that living in a rammed earth house was like living in a clean air filter where the walls breath, as opposed to living in a plastic bag where it is so airtight there is no air movement in a modern timber-framed house.
The Porotherm walls have the same characteristics and the same feel as the rest of our house and we really notice the difference when visiting friends in their new timber-framed houses.
I know where I would rather live and would have no difficulty recommending Porotherm as a great alternative to traditional construction methods.
Lastly, the quality of the plastering is very important as that is the finish that you see day in day out, we are thrilled with the finish we have achieved and how well it complements the rammed earth”. 

Chris & Kate Renton, Hamilton