Putaruru Porotherm Project



Putaruru, South Waikato. The brief was to build a home with a ‘lodge feel’ and to be able to hand on to their children. Using locally sourced stone & timbers for the rafters, entry and kitchen – the Porotherm R25Th+ block is beautifully complemented by natural and organic materials to indeed last well beyond 150 years. The farm setting is timeless to match perfectly with the permanence of the architecture & materials for many generations to come. Read the ZE Inspired Magazine article about this project here.


“Our house is way cooler than our old timber home…when it’s closed it gets warm but when we open it up it’s the only place to be and nights are way cooler than the old place with windows only slightly ajar! Stu went home last night and said the house was cool… he said you open the doors to let the heat in!” Deb & Stu Ranger, 2019
“Everyday we say how much we LOVE living in our POROTHERM house. It’s always fresh – it just feels like it’s breathing. It’s amazing!” Deb & Stu Ranger