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Porotherm Installation Guide
The Porotherm Installation Guide includes everything you need to know about the Porotherm System and its installation.
Porotherm Core Range
Porotherm Core Range #1 Porotherm Core Range #2
Porotherm Clay Block Construction System Animation
Cost Comparison - Porotherm vs Other Construction Materials

Wall Cost Comparison Sheet – Costing per square metre face wall area on retail (Rawlinson’s)

This is a base construction price only for a finished wall including materials and labour. The final cost will be subject to design complexity and contractor charges based on geographical area. 2022 Estimates based on Waikato/ Auckland – New Zealand.


Cost Comparison Porotherm Clay Block versus Other Construction Materials Chart Cost Comparison Porotherm Cover Page
Cost Comparison Chart Cost Comparison List


As a complete building solution, the Porotherm system offers properties and efficiencies that can be favourably compared to virtually every building fabric on the market.

Reference: Wienerberger


Porotherm versus Concrete Masonry Porotherm versus Light Steel Frame
Porotherm versus Timber Frame Porotherm versus AAC Thin Joint


Declare Label 2022

Declare Label 2022 Porotherm Clay Block

Declare Label 2022 – Porotherm (JPG)

Porotherm Thermal Training
PowerPoint Presentation to the right outlines the basic principles of the thermal technology of Porotherm clay blocks. While this is in English, it is primarily directed to a French audience – however, the wall construction blocks are used worldwide.
This thermal report has been conducted by Thermal & Acoustic Engineer, Lubos Krajci of Soundtherm. He has a PhD in Civil Engineering and is a Member of the Passive House Institute of New Zealand.
DRYFIX versus Mortar
The Future of construction has arrived.

Widely accepted in Europe for nearly a decade, POROTHERM DRYFIX SYSTEM is a technologically advanced building system that improves productivity, saves costs and water, and paves the way for the faster building of walls. It also ensures minimum use of scarce resources and a cleaner and healthier working environment.
DRYFIX, when used with POROTHERM clay blocks (which are 60% lighter, possess high compressive strength and provide high thermal insulation) forms a combination with unparalleled benefits.
(Reference: Wienerberger)

Technical Detail Sheets

Standart Porotherm Technical Details #1 Standart Porotherm Technical Details #2
Thermal Report

 Hamilton-House-Thermal-Report-PorothermHamilton House Thermal Report (pdf)

 Hamilton-House-Thermal-Report-PorothermTaupo House Thermal Report (pdf)

Porotherm Seismic Info and Peer Review

The 14th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering Logo - Stellaria NZ - Wienerberger Porotherm Seismic Test

Seismic Test Program of Special Designed Clay Blocks due to Earthquake Resistance by Wienerberger Consisting Real Scale Shaking Table-, Cyclic Shear-, Diagonal Tension and Compression Tests.

2008, Beijing, China.
Building Code Compliance Report


Peter Thorby of Tekton Consulting has reviewed Porotherm Compliance to the New Zealand Building Code.

Technical Documentation

Porotherm Endorsement CTMNC

Porotherm R25 Th+ 

Environmental Product Declaration

(Translated from French)

Certificate for a sealant on Porotherm (Using bricks or another cladding)

BoPin Certificate cover page

BioPin Certificate (PDF)

BioPin Certificate

BioPin Guide (PDF)

BioPin Presentation

BioPin Presentation (PDF)

Video - Advantages of single-leaf wall with clay blocks by Wienerberger