A Porotherm clay block home will give you the very best of European building precision and innovation, offering everything your home should be. The walls in your Porotherm home are 100% natural clay, with absolutely no synthetic or toxic materials and substances used either in the manufacturing process or the end product. As a result, there is no toxicity present and no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) outgassing over time, as occurs with timber frame construction.
Porotherm is a breathable walling system – the clay blocks, natural lime plaster and mineral paint finish creates air movement at a microscopic level, ensuring a dry and fresh indoor environment and an accompanying air quality all-year-round.
With a block thickness of 250mm and R-values* between 1.7 – 5.4, the thermal mass in the walls of your Porotherm home provides warmth in winter and cooling in summer to create an all-year-round living temperature of between 18-22C. With low energy & maintenance requirement and an economic and fast building time and cost per m2, Porotherm competes equally with high-end timber frame construction. It truly is ‘one wall does it all’.

Porotherm Clay Block R25Th+
Porotherm Clay Block R25Th+
Porotherm Clay Block Column
Porotherm Clay Block Lintel
Porotherm Clay Block R25Th+, R15 and R25 Column
Porotherm Clay Block R15

Porotherm Clay Block in Brief

Affordable Icon - Stellaria NZ

Cost Effective Build Price

Finished wall price per m2 competes with high-end timber-frame construction.
High Future Value Icon - Stellaria NZ

High Future Value

Low maintenance and low energy costs will give a yearly high capital return.
Multiple-Purpose Use Icon - Stellaria NZ

Multi-Purpose Use

Porotherm clay block is ideal for all building types.
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Porotherm is 100% natural pure kiln-fired clay. No toxicity, synthetics or nasties.
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Fresh & Clean

Porotherm keeps the air inside your home fresh, it allows air to ‘permeate’ and move back and forth through the block walls.
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Sustainable Construction

Porotherm uses 95% less water and produces 45% less waste than concrete construction.
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Thermal Efficiency

Designed as a thermometric regulator, Porotherm keeps an even 18-22C indoor.
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Fire Resistance

Porotherm is non-combustible and achieves an A1 fire-resistance rating.
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Sound Proof

Thick walls provide a peaceful private living environment.
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Moisture Management

No condensation, humidity, mould or dampness – completely dry.
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Earthquake Proof

Design-engineered to meet the world’s highest seismicity requirements.
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Low Maintenance

Near-zero maintenance required for years to come.
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Easy & Simple to Install

Block laying time can be 4x faster than traditional masonry.
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Porotherm clay blocks have a design life of at least 150 years.
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Declare Accredited

100% organic – no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

Wienerberger Porotherm in Numbers

Different types of Porotherm blocks*

Largest Porotherm block*

Lightest Porotherm block*

Heaviest Porotherm block*

*Available in New Zealand.

Stellaria Porotherm

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Porotherm R25 Th+


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CLIMAmur 36

CLIMAmur 42

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