A Porotherm clay block home will give you the very best of European building precision and innovation, offering everything your home should be. The walls in your Porotherm home are 100% natural clay, with absolutely no synthetic or toxic materials and substances used either in the manufacturing process or the end product. As a result, there is no toxicity present and no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) outgassing over time, as occurs with timber frame construction.
Porotherm is a breathable walling system – the clay blocks, natural lime plaster and mineral paint finish creates air movement at a microscopic level, ensuring a dry and fresh indoor environment and an accompanying air quality all-year-round.
With a block thickness of 250mm and R-values* between 1.7 – 5.4, the thermal mass in the walls of your Porotherm home provides warmth in winter and cooling in summer to create an all-year-round living temperature of between 18-22C. With low energy & maintenance requirement and an economic and fast building time and cost per m2, Porotherm competes equally with high-end timber frame construction. It truly is ‘one wall does it all’.

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Porotherm R25 Th+ Clay Block
Porotherm R25 Th+ Clay Block
Porotherm R25 Column/ Portal Clay Block
Porotherm R25 Lintel Clay Block
Porotherm Clay Block R15
Porotherm Clay Block R15
Porotherm Clay Block R25Th+, R15 and R25 Column
Porotherm Clay Block R25 Column, R15 and R25 Lintel

Porotherm Clay Block in Brief

Affordable Icon

Cost Effective Build Price

Finished wall price per m2 competes with high-end timber-frame construction.
High Future Value Icon

High Future Value

Low maintenance and low energy costs will give a yearly high capital return.
Multiple-Purpose Use Icon

Multi-Purpose Use

Porotherm clay block is ideal for all building types.
Ecological Icon - Stellaria NZ


Porotherm is 100% natural pure kiln-fired clay. No toxicity, synthetics or nasties.
Breathable Icon

Fresh & Clean

Porotherm keeps the air inside your home fresh, it allows air to ‘permeate’ and move back and forth through the block walls.
Sustainable Construction Icon

Sustainable Construction

Porotherm uses 95% less water and produces 45% less waste than concrete construction.
Thermal Efficiency Icon

Thermal Efficiency

Designed as a thermometric regulator, Porotherm keeps an even 18-22C indoor temperature.
Fire Resistance Icon

Fire Resistance

Porotherm is non-combustible and achieves an A1 fire-resistance rating.
SoundProof Icon

Sound Proof

Thick walls provide a peaceful private living environment.
Moisture Management Icon

Moisture Management

No condensation, humidity, mould or dampness – completely dry.
Earthquake Icon

Earthquake Proof

Design-engineered to meet the world’s highest seismicity requirements.
Low Maintenance Icon

Low Maintenance

Near-zero maintenance required for years to come.
Simple and Easy to Install Icon

Easy & Simple to Install

Block laying time can be 4x faster than traditional masonry.
Durability Icon


Porotherm clay blocks have a design life of at least 150 years.
Declare Accredited Icon

Declare Accredited

100% organic – no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

Wienerberger Porotherm in Numbers

Different types of Porotherm blocks*

Largest Porotherm block*

Lightest Porotherm block*

Heaviest Porotherm block*

*Available in New Zealand.

Brochures, Catalogues and Additional Information
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Stellaria Porotherm (PDF)

Wienerberger Porotherm – NZ Products (PDF)

Wienerberger Porotherm Brochure (PDF)

Porotherm R25 Th+ (PDF)


CLIMAmur 30 (PDF)

CLIMAmur 36 (PDF)

CLIMAmur 42 (PDF)

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