Newsletter – February 2020 – Staying cool during summer

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Hi Everyone,

February has been a great month so far – we kicked it off with creating an ‘Onsert’ for Build Magazine by BRANZ which is all about Porotherm. Sent to all architects across NZ but if you missed it…here it is

We published an article in EBOSS around the affordability of building with Porotherm – as the cost to build in NZ using timber frame increases by around 7% every year, this fast and simple system is proving itself to be competitive at every level – and as a comprehensive walling system outperforms to maintain a temperate, fresh climate and indoor air quality all year round.

Our February theme ‘Staying cool with the fruits of technology and save energy…’ led us to publish our first article on LinkedIn about the new norm of heat waves and hotter summers as climate change becomes more & more real – finding the balance between energy use, carbon emission and air conditioning. Why building materials is everything …read more.

Enquiry for Internorm joinery is growing as performance and quality becomes increasingly important by completing the building envelope.

We loved publishing photos of our clients building their homes, how they have made it a family affair and hearing testimonies of how it feels to walk into the cool enclosing Porotherm walls on these hot days.

Our on-going love affair with brick means we are constantly amazed at the new and exciting innovations by Wienerberger as we receive, almost daily – samples to send out to our clients. We love hearing how much you love them too! Watch out for ‘The Beautiful Brick Guide’ to be published next week!

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From the Stellaria Team


Porotherm Clay Block – ‘New Generation’ Alternative Construction System

Performance and cost are at the front of our minds when we are thinking about building. Sustainability, durability, and eco friendly follows close behind with temperate all year-round freshness and indoor air quality & health hot on it’s heels. Porotherm ticks all these boxes and more. Read our BRANZ Build Magazine brochure here.


Affordable Durability

New Plymouth Project

The e4 concept patented by Wienerberger is designed to maximise the living space within the superstructure. Starting at $2,500/m2 with a 100m2 footprint, this is fast becoming durable affordability on the NZ housing market. When compared to the cost of timber frame construction – high performance and low cost starts to come together… read more on our EBOSS article here.


INTERNORM Aluminium clad Timber or UPVC triple glazed Joinery

As we change the way we live in winter thinking about warmth and moisture – so do we need to think about keeping the heat out during summer. Triple glazing will do both all year round!


Beautiful White Brick – endless possibilities…

white brick samples

When we were asked for white bricks – we were absolutely amazed at the number of gorgeous different bricks we could pull together for our client – all in white. We loved this post!


Porotherm is all about families…

Porotherm Harakeke Drive Project

Geordie and Cass with their family on hot chocolate break with cake! The walls are up to the lintels and first pour now imminent. Well done to this amazing family pulling together to build a beautiful healthy home. You can see their progress shots on our website …and more at Cassandra Swan Interiors.

Roger and Jana’s daughters are in on the action here. The Karapiro cottage is now complete – the best comment we have been getting so far from all involved is how cool it is in the enclosed Porotherm walls – a sign of good summers ahead! Another amazing family – We can’t wait to tell their story!

If you need any information about our projects, products, to request samples or just have a chat visit our website here or get in touch with us  – we would love to hear from you!


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