May Newsletter – New Brick Ranges & Project Updates

Hi Everyone, 

Last week, we received Wienerberger’s latest new brick ranges and they are stunning!

Constantly innovating and staying ahead in the world of Beautiful Brick – anything is possible! This was a wonderful fresh start for our new lives post-lock down…you will love the gorgeous new long format bricks which are becoming very popular and the fabulous new glazed brick colours. With Wienerberger – it just keeps going on…we have just a few to show you

I think we all agree it’s been a very interesting time with so many of us finding new values and focus during hibernation. Many good things have emerged and for us one of them has been finding ourselves in our homes living, working and relating with each-other in a new way – less stress, clean air, sharing and caring and out running.

There has never been a more enlightening time than this to show us why our homes really do need to be green and true. So we posted an article on LinkedIn talking about the time we spend in our homes and why the movement for pure indoor air environment, quietness and a ‘sense of safe’ is growing fast. A forever home is beginning to sound pretty good. Haven’t the skies become so fresh and bright with the most amazing sunsets!

Queenstown Project using the beautiful Terca Beerse Handmade Nero Zwart Mangaan is a fantastic project by Interior Designer Roz Hamilton. We love the feedback from contractors and clients using our bricks. And Harakeke Project had it’s first Porotherm pour last week!

Next Tuesday – we will be sending an invitation to join us for our first online product presentation. Watch this space…

All our best to you in great design and beautiful green forever homes.

The Stellaria Team.


Beerse Archipolis Mica Grey

The long format brick is a winner. Low and horizontal lends itself to many design opportunities. The colour texture and form is sophisticated and very on-trend.  To check our new bricks visit our brick range page here.

beerse archipolis mica grey terca cladding brick stellaria nz

Glazed bricks – mineral range.

These new glazed bricks called ‘The Mineral Range’ have a beautiful earthiness about them. We love the choice of colour and gorgeous finish. A wonderful variation from the primary colours of traditional glazed bricks.

wienerberger terca glazed bricks mineral range sample image stellaria nz

Queenstown project using Beerse Handmade Nero Zwart Mangaan.

This beautiful brick is so well suited to the Queenstown landscape and design concept. Deep black/brown is a great choice by interior designer Roz Hamilton. For more information about this project, click here.

queenstown terca black brick project stellaria nz
Beerse Nero Zwart Mangaan

Harakeke, Taupo – first pour. A very exciting milestone…

All boxed up and ready to go…the first pour is always an exciting event. This is no exception. See more of this project here.

To see more of our Terca bricks, click here.

To read about Porotherm Clay Block construction, click here.

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