This month the lofty clay roof tile is our feature. Used not only on top but also on the sides… Koramic Clay roof tiles are just gorgeous as they waterfall seamlessly to wrap the entire building. Less is more as we always say – one cladding and product makes for not only an aesthetically pleasing effect but also takes care of weather tightness and water management. Simplicity is always best!
This month we feature two international projects; one in particular as featured in Wienerberger’s most recent Architectum magazine. We especially love the way the building makes use of the well known Kiwi love for ‘Pavilion’ design… European style this time!
Wienerberger’s Actua roof tiles are fantastic, with so many accessory tiles, nothing is missing. Here we feature two European projects and our NZ Cambridge showhome. Showing off the ridge and barge tiles, Wienerberger, who have been making roof tiles for over 100 years, have thought of everything from ventilation tiles to the clay chimney or weathervane. Solid, quiet and integral – a clay roof is just another forever product we love.
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The Stellaria Team
Roof tiles were always just that – on the roof. But draping them over the sides of the building brings them to life and as well as defining the design and simplifying the form. For more photos, visit our website.
Red glazed en masse equals stunning! Nothing more to say…
This close-up shot says it all really. Beautiful, solid and rustic in its own way – no tile is the same. For more information about this project, visit our website.
And this image expresses the beauty – hand made with love. Wienerberger is one of the oldest producers and certainly the largest producer of clay construction materials worldwide. Care, integrity and craft is all we need to know!
We are excited about the ‘French House on Swayne’. It’s coming along… the Koramic Actua clay roof tiles are always a talking point. We can hardly wait to invite you to see it!
Serenity, elegance attuned with nature. Koramic clay roof tiles in their element…

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