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As usual, we love to talk about brick – this Jackson St project in Wellington is a masterpiece on the corner, a tribute to Solari Architects and a perfect project to introduce this month’s topic – ‘Types of Brick’ – the hand-moulded…
As named, traditionally the clay was hand-thrown into the moulds. Now produced by ultra-modern machines, this time-crafted skill to produce beautiful and unique striations with uneven sanding creates a distinctive character for each brick. Wienerberger mixes different types of clay to get amazing colour variations – the options are endless.
This week, we feature Lanaken Pastorale as used on the District Apartments in Wellington. From the Lanaken kiln in Belgium, this brick is a classic beauty. Definitely the centrepiece on the street!
Our international focus is on the Quirijnen Aula Red, shown on Wienerberger’s LinkedIn page. We also have another NZ project proudly featuring a beautiful brick from the same range – the Atrium Red. See the project here.
Here is our latest testimonial we’d love to share with you…
“We just wanted to say a big thank you for all of your help along the way. From sending us samples to the months of communication throughout the process, you’ve been the most helpful, friendly and responsive supplier on our project by far! We will highly recommend you to others whenever we can…” Kim Salt, Athfield Architects.
Thank you Kim – we are very excited to see your beautiful bricks going up soon. Another safe delivery to NZ!
Let us know if you would like to receive information, samples or need help with your project, we’d love to hear from you!
The Stellaria Team
Lanaken Pastorale NZ Project
The blend of this brick is really stunning. Browns, reds, gold – brilliant in the sunset. We love the shark tooth roof-line and are always excited to see bricks taken to the edge of the profile in this way.
Lanaken Pastorale Brick Swatch
Lanaken Pastorale Brick: A close-up shows the incredible variation and texture of hand-moulded brick. Colour, form and beauty is so uniquely achieved in this age-old brickmaking technique. Every brick is special…
Lanaken Pastorale brick interior wall
This is a beautiful interior shot from the District Apartments, Wellington – with a glimpse of Lanaken on the balcony. A lovely reminder!
Aula Red Brick Project
Thanks to its unique format, the Quirijnen Metropolis range is ideal for creating clean, linear facades. This apartment in Belgium shows the beauty of the Aula Red brick.
The perfect backdrop and perfect compliment to brick is the pleaching of Hornbeams – our next contribution to offset the carbon footprint to deliver Porotherm Clay Blocks to Taupo, NZ from France!

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