Partnered with Wienerberger, we now offer NZ the largest range of clay roof tiles available with 50 unique roof tiles to choose from, in an extensive range of sizes, styles and textures – glazed, sanded, multiblend and more in a huge range of colours – from terracottas and reds, to blacks and browns, with everything in between.
Because Koramic roof tiles are kiln-fired to 1200 degrees centigrade, this gives the tiles a lifespan of over 100 years. They are cost-efficient and their colour does not fade over time.
With a cavity that Koramic Roof Tiles sit on top of, you also get insulation and ventilation – which are both critical with New Zealand’s often-humid and volatile weather, and this means that temperatures inside your home remain more stable – giving you coolness in summer, and warmth in the winter in often cold houses.
Check out the Koramic Roof Tile Sample Range Page to see a selection of Koramic Roof Tile in various colours or download our Koramic Catalogue.

Koramic Roof Tiles 2020 Range


Be amazed by Wienerberger Koramic Roof Tile 2020 Range…
Koramic Vauban Natural Red
Koramic Vauban Slate Engobe
Koramic 301 Natural Red
Koramic Actua
Koramic Actua Natural Red
Koramic Tempest Tile 44 Anthracite
Koramic Tempest Tile 44 Cottage Red
Koramic Cassius Antique Slate
Koramic Gaelic Natural Red

Koramic Roof Tiles Gallery


Check out Wienerberger Koramic Roof Tile Projects around the world… 
Koramic 301 Mixed Colours
Koramic 301
Koramic 301 Mixed Colours
Koramic 301
Koramic Romane Antique
Koramic 301
Koramic 301
Koramic Actua 10
Brochures, Catalogues and Additional Information
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Clay Roof Tiles Designed for Living Brochure

Koramic Roof Tile Brochure I (PDF)

Clay Roof Tiles Designed to last a lifetime Brochure Koramic Roof Tile Brochure II (PDF)

Koramic Facade Cladding (PDF)

Elfino Roof Tile Catalogue cover pageKoramic Elfino (PDF)


Actua 10 stormFIX - Contemporary flat interlocking tile BrochureKoramic Actua 10 (PDF)

Actua - Contemporary flat interlocking tile BrochureKoramic Actua (PDF)

Romane Tile - A tile with a mediterranean flavour BrochureKoramic Romane Tile (PDF)

Vauban - Interlocking plain tile BrochureKoramic Vauban Range (PDF)

Koramic Roof Tiles in Brief



Wide range of shapes, colours, textures and sizes.
Multiple-Purpose Use Icon

Multi Purpose

Koramic roof tiles can be used in many different designs and pitches for roofs AND walls.


All roof tiles are made of oragnic raw material, 100% natural.


All roof tiles are recyclable, making them environmentally friendly.

Dimensionally Stable

Fired clay roof tiles have exceedingly low levels of expansion and contraction.
Colour Safe Icon

Colour Safe

Koramic roof tiles do not lose their colour.

Thermal Insulation

Koramic systems create a ventilated cavity, increasing thermal efficiency.
Anti Frost Icon


Koramic roof tiles can be exposed to very low temperatures without damage.
Simple and Easy to Install Icon

Simple & Easy to Install

Laying Koramic roof tiles is quick and easy.

Low Maintenance

Koramic roof tiles require very little or no maintenance.


All Koramic products have an internationally recognised CE label*.


Koramic has a 30 year warranty on frost resistance**.


*European Declaration of Performance – the product meets high safety, health and environmental protection requirements. **T&C apply.

Wienerberger Koramic in Numbers

Years experience

500 million
Roof tiles produced annually

Different roof tiles profiles to choose from

Roofs covered annually