Wienerberger Koramic is the leading manufacturer of clay roof tiles in Europe. With over 120 years of amassed expertise and extensive production experience, Wienerberger Koramic needs to be your first and only stop for clay roof tiles.Wienerberger produces approximately 500 million tiles annually in 18 advanced, cutting-edge factories in 13 different sites in 6 European countries. Wienerberger offers a broad range of more than 100 ‘models’ in an extensive array of colours and textures – glazed, sanded, multiblend and more. Whether you are looking for a traditional, modern warm or cool look and feel or whether it is to match an existing roof for a renovation project, or for a trendsetting architectural design. Wienerberger Koramic offers the perfect tile for every building.

Koramic Roof Tiles in Brief

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Wide range of shapes, colours, textures and sizes.
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Multi Purpose

Koramic roof tiles can be used in many different designs and pitches for roofs AND walls.
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All roof tiles are made of oragnic raw material, 100% natural.
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All roof tiles are recyclable, making them environmentally friendly.
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Dimensionally Stable

Fired clay roof tiles have exceedingly low levels of expansion and contraction.
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Colour Safe

Koramic roof tiles do not lose their colour.
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Thermal Insulation

Koramic systems create a ventilated cavity, increasing thermal efficiency.
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Koramic roof tiles can be exposed to very low temperatures without damage.
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Simple & Easy to Install

Laying Koramic roof tiles is quick and easy.
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Low Maintenance

Koramic roof tiles require very little or no maintenance.
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All Koramic products have an internationally recognised CE label*.
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Koramic has a 30 year warranty on frost resistance**.

*European Declaration os Performance – the product meets high safety, health and environmental protection requirements. **T&C apply.

Wienerberger Koramic in Numbers

Years experience

500 million
Roof tiles produced annually

Different roof tiles profiles to choose from

Roofs covered annually

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Koramic Facatile

Koramic Actua 10


Koramic Actua

Koramic Romane Tile

Koramic Vauban Range