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We are very excited about one of our projects recently registered for Homestar and the heights we may just hit using Porotherm; it all starts with a great client and the fabric of the building. Here is why we are passionate about Porotherm, and it’s integral ability to deliver a home true to itself every time – no compromises and no shortcuts.

In response to the recent 2018 Budget and the Government’s announcement on meeting the housing crisis CEO, Andrew Eagles wrote ‘It’s very welcome to see Housing New Zealand significantly ramp up building numbers to deliver 4000 homes over four years…but New Zealanders need our homes to be warm, healthy and dry and there is a worrying lack of commitment to this today.’

‘The time to solve our housing problems is today, not tomorrow. And today the country needed a clear commitment from the government that all KiwiBuild homes will be safe and warm, but we didn’t get that. Now there is a real risk KiwiBuild becomes KiwiChilled as it delivers thousands of cold, damp houses’. Read more

The New Zealand Green Building Council is offering NZ’s best directive yet on how we can achieve better performing homes and we are very proud of this organisation and the fantastic work they do. European directives for quality housing set a high benchmark because they know the cost not to.

Porotherm just does it all. We don’t believe building fast, prefab buildings is the answer. We believe good things need time to be tested and proven and that true sustainability should be at the top of the list. Wienerberger as a company have┬álong stood the test of time and continue to innovate in the clay construction industry. We are very proud of our European partners and hope you will enjoy reading our latest newsletter and why we think Porotherm is the perfect long-term solution to building quality homes for everyone.

Our EBOSS article due for publication next month is about our most recent Homestar project – we cannot wait to show you! In the meantime, you can read our other EBOSS articles here.





A POROTHERM wall gives you all the insulation you need to maintain an all-year-round temperature of 22-26 degrees. Read about the new Insulation Statements becoming compulsory from July 1st 2019.

Warm, dry and permanent right from the start…a pure indoor environment is a healthy environment. It’s about how your home makes you feel…read about the importance of Environmental Health Indicators and why Porotherm is a good choice for you.

POROTHERM is thermal & acoustic – no added insulation, no strapping & lining with plasterboards, no building wrap, no cavity & cladding to finish. Just Porotherm and lime plaster!

NB all images show Porotherm Blocks without external colour lime plaster finish or external lime plaster finish. With Porotherm Blocks, you can use any external cladding of your choice, such as bricks, brick slips, tiles, etc.

If you would like to join the revolution – talk to us about building with POROTHERM. Please call us today – we would LOVE to hear from you!


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