June Newsletter – New Koramic Roof Tiles

Hi Everyone, 

We have been very inspired over these past few weeks working with architects on their projects, helping to push the design envelope with our exciting products.

As a global leader in the building industry, our partners, Wienerberger and Internorm are always innovating, always surprising us. Our greatest reward is not only being able to work with these top companies, but also to receive testimonials from our clients working with our incredible team.

One of our most recent Hamilton Terca Brick clients commented ‘Working with the Stellaria team was an amazing experience… read more.

In this newsletter – Koramic Roof Tiles are incredibly versatile and we see just how amazing they can be. Porotherm Clay Block construction is a world-class solution to green, sustainable and energy-efficient building. See our latest LinkedIn post here… and we catch up on our Hawkes Bay clients, John and Suellen Gifford building their Porotherm home overlooking stunning Haumoana coastal views.

If you would like to book an on-line presentation of our product range, please let us know here.

Our best wishes to you in great architecture using world-class building materials,

The Stellaria Team

Noble Terracotta – Koramic glazed roof and wall tiles. Endless possibilities…

Amazing renovation and reconversion of the Cité des Electriciens by the architect Philippe Prost gives a very special place to the glazed tile. Tuiles Aléonard Enamelled Ruby Tiles, the marriage between traditional and contemporary provides endless variations of red bringing history back to life.

Creative architecture distinguishes itself by looking for new applications. Combining clay tiles on the facade and the roof, creates an aesthetically pleasing result plus a well insulated, uniform building envelope. Here, the facade is a subtle color mix of glossy and matt tiles. Koramic ‘Pottelberg Tegelpan 301’.

Lasting beauty, ideal for insulation and renovation, easy installation. Koramic clay tiles used a s facade cladding have accessories for perfect finishing odf corners and transition from roof to walls. Koramic Tile 301 – blend of  ‘Toscana’, ‘Amaranth’, ‘Natural Red ‘Blue smothered’.

Couldn’t resist another beautiful blend of glazed roof and wall tiles using Koramic Antraciet, Wijnrood, Bruin and Zwart


POROTHERM Clay Block home in Haumoana Hawkes Bay…about to be plastered.


Suellen and John Gifford of Hawkes Bay are creating their forever family home overlooking the beautiful coastline. With panoramic 360 views, this project is absolutely stunning. Concept by family friend and architect Mateij Katic drawn by Michael Gore of Hastings, this is a fantastic family affair! For more information about this project, visit our website here.

Using EzyMix Lime plasters – a before and after shot…

Porotherm Clay Block construction is the ultimate in 100% green, sustainable architecture. Breathable with a high R-value for all-year-round living comfort, minimal energy and 150 plus durability – this truly is a home to stand the test of time. For more information about Porotherm, click here.

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