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Hi Everyone,

In this newsletter we are excited to tell you about the Bright Seals aesthetic – Wienerberger’s newly created Vifs Joints for Terca bricks.

This is a new laying technique based on reducing the thickness of the mortar joint giving the impression of natural stacking. The bricks take on a purer appearance allowing the colour of the brick to become more intense and uninterrupted. It’s a fantastic take on the ‘mortarless’ look bringing life to the traditional look of brick – timeless but ever changing for a contemporary look and feel.

This month we feature the beautiful Cassia brick. This creative brick has two distinct sides. One with a planed appearance, and the other with a broken one. By choosing to alternate these two sides, the facade takes on a whole new look – playing with light, shadows and texture. This long brick is designed in double format to be, quite simply, broken in half on the site. It’s the expertise of the mason, who at the time of cutting, will give all its uniqueness to the broken face.

We were very excited to receive a text from one of our Porotherm clients showing us the temperature inside the house on one of our coldest days this winter so far… see our post here.

Have a look at our latest EBOSS case study featuring Argeton in ‘Glacier Blue’ and the latest update for Porotherm, Harakeke Drive.

Thank you for receiving this newsletter – we wish you the best in great design using beautiful, timeless building products.

The Stellaria Team


Lanaken Gesmoord ‘Linnaeus Zwart Grafiet’

Lanaken Gesmoord Linnaeus Zwart Grafiet

Clever use of this long format brick creates stunning horizontal and vertical direction. Also in ‘wild’ or ‘running bond’ the Lanaken provides fantastic design opportunity.


The Beautiful Cassia

Pottelberg Cassia Zwart Grafiet

Bricks never break in the same way, so each brick is unique…

Pottelberg Cassia Zwart Grafiet

With the appearance of natural stone, the effect is stunning!


UPDATE – Harakeke Drive Porotherm Project

Double lintels formed, ready for the roof panels to go on. For more images on this project, visit our website here.

‘Coldest day of winter so far. 4.3 deg outside nice and toasty inside 19.9 deg. First time this winter it’s been under 20 deg in the living room’  Josh McLaren, East Tamaki Project, June 2020.


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