January 2020 Newsletter – Claustra or Brazilian Bond

January 2020 Newsletter - Claustra or Brazilian Bond - green glazed brick

Hi Everyone, 

Welcome to 2020!

I hope your year has started as well as ours…we are very excited about all the projects we have upcoming and how privileged we are to be involved.

As always – cool bricks are our passion and we are fortunate enough to receive constant inspiration from the architects we work with. Wienerberger’s Innovate 08 magazine features some gorgeous examples of designing with glazed brick or clay tiles, using the Claustra or Brazilian Bond, how to install bricks vertically and more…

BOEN have released their new Chevron Range and we have a POROTHERM project update for you.

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From the Stellaria Team

Claustra or Brazilian Bond

Beerse Forum Ombra brick - Claustra or Brazilian Bond

‘A bond that deserves to be seen…where only the ends of the facing bricks rest on the brick below. This creates openings giving the facade a sense of privacy and transparency, mass and emptiness, light and blinds, closure and ventilation – boundary and relationship’.

The Claustra Bond Interior

Haaften Vormbak Koraalrood brick - Claustra or Brazilian Bond

Interior ambience of the Claustra Bond is stunning. Used in this restaurant to manipulate and enhance light is clever and inspiring. Detailing is everything when we ask ourselves – why do I love that? For more information about the Claustra Bond visit our website here.

Brick from Top to Toe: The Vertical Masonry Bond

Given the average compressive strength of bricks and joints, masonry with a vertical bond enclosed between rigid wall surfaces with horizontal bonds, can be used to a height of three floors. The pier must be properly anchored with at least 6 wall ties per m2 and load bearing masonry must have a floor on each storey.

Glazed Bricks – any colour is possible…

Red, green, blue – any RAL colour is possible. Timeless, durable an endless source of inspiration – the glazed clay brick facade is a powerful, stand-out expression of individuality. See more on our glazed bricks here

BOEN new release 2020 – the Chevron Range

BOEN flooring is launching the Chevron range, which is an old pattern dating back to the Bronze Age. An oak strip whose shape revives the wonderful traditional laying patterns. With its straight lines shaped as an arrow, this floor creates a stylish and elegant atmosphere. (Available from April 2020). Shown here is the Oak Adagio Herringbone. You can check the BOEN Range here.

POROTHERM Clay Block House in Taupo

Porotherm Harakeke Drive Project - Jan 2020

Using R25Th+ and the DryFix mortar, the walls are going up pretty fast and creating a lot of interest…

Slot Windows for the Garage

Porotherm Harakeke Drive Project - Jan 2020

Gallery Walls with Side Windows

Porotherm Harakeke Drive Project - Jan 2020

Clay Block homes are cool/warm, durable/sustainable, seismic and acoustic – near zero energy and maintenance required. No extra insulation or strapping & lining on these walls, just breathable plaster finish interior & exterior or cladding of your choice – and it’s done for many generations to come!
For more information about this project, visit our website here.

For more information about our bricks, visit our website here or get in touch with us if you need any information about our projects, products, to request samples or just have a chat – we would love to hear from you!


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