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During the colder months, most of the precious heat inside your home will be lost through the windows. With Austrian manufactured INTERNORM triple-glazed windows however, it is quite the opposite. With an R-value* of 1.2-1.6 you can be sure that your INTERNORM windows will maintain warmth throughout the whole house.
Triple-glazed joinery from INTERNORM is Europe’s number 1 insulated door and window brand trusted and highly regarded across the European continent. They are also leaders in thermally insulated triple-glazed window and door systems for those wanting certified ‘passive houses’.
INTERNORM offers an extensive range of both UPVC, UPVC/Aluminium and Timber/Aluminium windows. With U-values as low as 0.6 and respective R-values of 1.5.
With INTERNORM triple-glazed joinery there is NO condensation.

*R-value is a measure of resistance to the flow of heat through a given thickness of a material (such as insulation) with higher numbers indicating the higher insulating properties.


UPVC is affordable, humidity-resistant, flexible, has low thermal conductivity, and available in a great choice of colours – perfect characteristics for the window industry. Internorm have been using UPVC for many decades to manufacture windows. All INTERNORM joinery is produced in the manufacturing factory in Austria.
All Internorm UPVC windows are equipped with all-around glueing of the glass pane info the window sash. Thus, stability, thermal insulation, sound protection, burglary protection and functionality of the window are considerably improved.

Studio – KF 220

Home Pure – KF 410

Home Soft – KF 410

Studio – KF 500

UPVC/ Aluminium

White UPVC windows are still incredibly popular. However, many now tend towards UPVC/aluminium windows in a choice of colours. The aluminium clad on the outside is much easier to care for and can also be manufactured in many colours and surfaces. The current trend, for example, is stainless steel or metallic decor colours. Also, the demand for beige and brown tones next to the numerous grey tones is strongly rising.
Next to a multitude of colours and the different designs of the windows, Internorm can also offer you technical highlights such as I-tec ventilation. This ventilation can be fitted directly into the window frame of KF 410 or KV 440. You can now decide for yourself, how strong the ventilation should be set and how many times it should run.

Studio – KF 220

Home Pure – KF 410

Studio – KF 500

Studio – KV 440

Timber/ Aluminium

Timber windows are unparalleled in their naturalness and cosiness. If aluminium is attached to the outside, the timber becomes protected from weathering. Special foam situated between the timber and aluminium additionally ensures perfect thermal insulation and excellent U-values.
Internorm only uses the best cuts of a tree trunk for their timber/aluminium windows. Uniform grain appearance and therefore uniform timber surfaces emphasise the window even more. Next to the classic timber types such as spruce and larch, Internorm also offers oak, ash and walnut. These are available in different colours and can also be painted in any Pantone colour. Thus, your windows can perfectly match your interior design, floors and interior doors.

Home Pure – HF 210

Home Pure – HF 310

Studio – HF 310

Studio – HF 410

Internorm Joinery in Brief


Perfect Combinations

A perfect combination of function and design for all architectural styles.


All INTERNORM windows have solid and discreet security systems.

Laminated Glass

INTERNORM windows are fully compliant with all New Zealand impact glazing codes.

Thermal Insulation

Highly thermally insulated window systems ensure warmth and no condensation.

Solar Glazing

Extremely high solar insulation. Glazing can be tinted.

Sound Proof

Higher noise volume equals higher sound reduction.

Entrance Doors

To retain the thermal envelope – install an INTERNROM door with an R-value of 1.6.
Solar Shadding Icon

Solar Shading

Exterior wind-sensitive solar Raff store blinds can be fitted on the exterior of windows for passive cooling.
Keyless Entry Icon

Keyless Entry

INTERNORM locks can be fitted with fingerprint opening for added security and convenience.
Flyscreens Icon


Any size window or door can be fitted with pulldown flyscreens.

Frosted & Tinting

INTERNORM Windows can be tinted to reduce glare and frosted for privacy.
Venetian Blinds Icon

Integrated Venetian Blinds

Can be fitted in between the glass in a choice of colours.

Energy Saving

INTERNORM windows and doors reduce heating costs significantly.


INTERNORM have an internationally recognised CE label*.


INTERNORM windows have 3, 5 and 10-year warranties**.
*European Declaration os Performance – the product meets high safety, health and environmental protection requirements. **T&C apply.

INTERNORM Joinery in Numbers

Years experience


+22 million
Windows and doors produced*

Different windows styles and
options to choose from

*From 1932 to 2017

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