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Hi Everyone,

We are very excited to be partnered with INTERNORM and SOLARLUX, Austria to bring Europe’s best joinery to NZ.

Triple glazed joinery is becoming more & more popular as many NZers seek to raise the performance level and energy requirement of their homes.

Aluminum joinery has an R-value of between R 0.58. Internorm joinery has an R-value of 1.61 with a number of profiles being passive house certified. Here are a few reasons why you could specify INTERNORM or SOLARLUX joinery for your next project…

For Architects and Homeowners…

Sophisticated design for individual solutions.
Windows and doors make the facade of a house like no other building element to characterize style and expression. With its wide product range, Internorm creates a symbiosis between different design styles – from classic to modern with innovative, sustainable technology.

Industry-leading, technologically smart and sustainable products.
Internorm’s exceptional windows and doors are produced in three ultra-modern factories in Traun, Sarleinsbach and Lannach. For more than 80 years Internorm products have been 100% developed and produced in Austria.

Numerous awards and certifications – National and international – confirms the superior quality of our products.

A message from Internorm…

‘Our expertise gives you the confidence to get the best value for your money. Because research and development are of great importance to us, 80 years of experience, a large range of patents and product innovations underline the supremacy of our company. State of the art manufacturing facilities and strict quality control ensures a constant high quality that sets a trend setting benchmark all over Europe’.

In this newsletter, we would like to show you a few profiles already installed into homes across NZ, photos of a Coatesville project featuring TERCA brick and KORAMIC roof tiles and a video from Four Paddles as the X-Pods are poured getting ready for the POROTHERM build starting soon…

Lastly, we are excited to be sending boxes of our favourite TERCA bricks…let us know if you would like to receive one too!

The Stellaria Team



Internorm in NZ May Newsletter - Stellaria Internorm ProfileLarge-scale glazings can be completely integrated into the substrate, creating unlimited freedom in your home – light and beautiful vistas. You can set optical highlights with integrated windows into the style of your home.

SOLARLUX – Folding Glass Doors. LIGHT. AIR. SPACE

Internorm in NZ May Newsletter - Stellaria Solarlux Joinery Profile 1.1Glass in architecture facilitates communication between the indoors and outdoors. Thresholds vanish as the glass panels merge from the living space to your garden…

COATESVILLE, Auckland – TERCA ‘Tacana’ Bricks & KORAMIC ‘Vauban’ roof tiles.

A gorgeous classic project. Beautifully crafted roof with copper flashings and tray roofs…we love the end result and really enjoyed working with our client to choose the right facade brick and roof tile for their beautiful home.


Coatesville Auckland Project - Terca Bricks Peruwelz Tacana & Koramic Roof Tiles Vauban Slate Engobe

We love the walls and capping bricks integrating house and garden. Very exciting to have another Wienerberger-Stellaria project in NZ. For more information, visit our website.

Coatesville Auckland Project - Terca Bricks Peruwelz Tacana & Koramic Roof Tiles Vauban Slate Engobe

POROTHERM on the banks of KARAPIRO… amazing new video

X-POD POURED – thanks to the team: Roger & Jana, FOUR PADDLES, Fabio from CRESCO, Cagen from HOPA BROTHERS and MACPHERSON ARCHITECTURE. A great start… For more information about this project, visit our website.

BEAUTIFUL NEW BRICK – Telegen Metal ‘Chroom’

Internorm in NZ May Newsletter - Stellaria Terca Clay Bricks 1.1

Wienerberger are always innovating and bringing new Beautiful Bricks – we love this one!

Internorm in NZ May Newsletter - Stellaria Terca Clay Bricks 02.1

Lastly, this week we have enjoyed putting together a stunning selection of our TERCA bricks into sample boxes which will be making their way to some of our valued colleagues in the construction industry. Please get in touch if you would like to see any of our Beautiful Bricks.

Stellaria Terca Brick Box

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